Learn to PADI Dive in 3 Days

Learn to PADI Dive in 3 Days - Scuba Diving & SnorkellingIf you have always wanted to try scuba diving our Learn to PADI Dive in 3 Days course is the perfect way to start. Become a fully qualified PADI Open Water diver in just 3 days.

Upon booking your dive course, we give you a PADI Crew Pack. The pack includes DVDs Open Water text manual, Electronic Dive Planner and Log Book. All yours to keep!

Your course will start with a day of theory and we get you to watch the DVDs and complete 5 easy knowledge reviews in the comfort of your own home to prepare you for your new adventure.

On the second day of the course, your Instructor will go through your knowledge reviews with you to make sure you have it sussed, then it's off to the pool for the rest of the day

After all – you won't be diving in a classroom right? So why spend any more time than you need to in one? Once in the pool you will be introduced to the amazing feeling of breathing underwater for the first time. Throughout the day you will be shown important skills which will make your diving not only safe, but fun. After a day at the pool you will be ready to take on the challenges of the next day,

On Day three it's time to put some of what you tried in the pool into practice in a real ocean environment.

With 2 dives to be completed on day 2, the pace is nice and easy with your comfort and safety our number one priority. The first dive, a nice easy tour of the ocean floor with your diving instructor and your buddy to see what this great sport has to offer. And on dive 2, a chance to repeat some of those pool skills you learned earlier. Here you are sure to see fish, wrecks and more! After your dives there is a multiple choice exam to make sure you know your stuff and prepare for the final day of your Dive Adventure. Rottnest Island.

The final 2 dives of your course are sure to be the best! After a 45 minute boat trip to our island paradise, your Perth Scuba Instructor will take you for your first boat dive. Explore, see and watch as the underwater world goes by”¦ a few more safety skills and we're back on the boat before doing the final qualifying dive!

After dive 2 for the day–it's a trip back to shore as a qualified Perth Scuba PADI Open Water Diver.


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