Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Night Tour

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Night Tour - Food & Beverage TastingCome and experience the powerful spirit of the ancient Tjapukai culture and embark on a mysterious journey. As the Quinkan spirit comes to life it will take you through the story waters into the Dreamtime celebrating the unique customs of the peopleof the rainforest. Our amazing night tour includes a live performance and a four course buffet dinner.

Your evening will begin with a meet and greet with the Tjapukai Aboriginal performers and a welcome drink (standard beer, wine or soft drink) in the Retail Gallery where authentic Aboriginal art including didgeridoos and boomerangs can be purchased.

Then it's time for your journey into the world of the rainforest people. The Tjapukai Aboriginal performers will lead you into the Magic Space for an emotive didgeridoo blessing ceremony and the mystical Quinkan spirit performance. Your initiation continues with traditional face painting as the Tjapukai performers escort you to the lake.

With clapsticks in hand you add to the pulsating rhythm of the corroboree while Tjapukai Aboriginal warriors use traditional fire sticks to create fire. Suddenly a spear is launched and a spectacular fire ball explodes into the night sky. Enjoy dining in the Boomerang Restaurant with an international buffet of hot and cold dishes plus delicious desserts freshly made by Tjapukai's pastry chef.

Relax after dinner while the world famous Tjapukai Aboriginal dancers perform live on stage. Join the cultural celebrations and learn traditional dances from the people of the rainforest. At the conclusion of the show you will be able to catch up with the performers and ask them questions.

There is an option to include transfers from Cairns and Northern Beaches.


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