A-Licence Accelerated Free Fall Course

A-Licence Accelerated Free Fall Course - Sky DivingIf you want to complete your AFF A Licence then this course is for you! The A-License Course is the first step to becoming a qualified skydiver and is ideal for people who really want to take skydiving to the next level. This is an intensive 9 day A-License Course.

The A-Licence full solo course can be taught in two different styles including Accelerated Free Fall or Static Line Free Fall. The below information is based upon our most popular A-Licence course option - Accelerated Free Fall (AFF).

You can complete the course two ways. Either book onto our 9 day course where you can complete all of your training in one block, or you can complete your training over various weekends at your leisure. Remember, for this option 4 weeks must be the maximum time between jumps due to currency and safety.

A-Licence Course Includes

• 9 x Training AFF Stage Jumps
• 5 x Solo Jumps
• All gear hire
• Instructor fees
• Logbook
• Australian Skydiving Association Membership
• Chief Instructor assistance & advice for purchasing of own equipment
• One on one Personalised Instruction
• Packing Instruction
• Preparation for A-Licence Examination

Personalised Instruction with service!

After completing you’re A-Licence your opportunities are endless on where you may end up in the sport. You can skydive all over the world meeting many like-minded adventure sport specialists.


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NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the rates listed are for the 2022 - 2023 season. The 2022 - 2023 season rates are valid from the 1st April 2022 - 31st March 2023. The 2023 - 2024 season rates commence on the 1st April 2023.


Due to the ongoing and evolving nature of Covid-19 restrictions and the unpredictable impact it is having on bookings we have temporarily ceased taking new reservations for this package. If you have a gift voucher that you would like to redeem please contact us and we will be happy to check availability.

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