Go Low 6,000ft Tandem Skydive over Mission Beach

Go Low 6,000ft Tandem Skydive over Mission Beach - Sky DivingThis unbeatable experience gives you a short burst of heart-stopping freefall from around 6,000ft, followed by a scenic parachute ride of around 5-7 minutes - enough time to catch your breath and take in what just happened!

Tandem skydive from up to 6,000ft above the stunning Mission Beach coastline for the ultimate adrenalin rush! Freefall at over 200km/hr and take in the spectacular views of Tropical North Queensland as you float back to earth under canopy.

Tandem skydive from up to 6,000ft over Mission Beach with a guaranteed beach landing!
Free return pick-ups from Cairns and Mission Beach surrounds (bookings essential).
3 month membership of the Australian Parachute Federation.
Personalised certificate of achievement, loyalty rewards card and bumper sticker.


Mission Beach, Queensland | More Mission Beach Tours

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the rates listed are for the 2020 - 2021 season. The 2020 - 2021 season rates are valid from the 1st April 2020 - 31st March 2021. The 2021 - 2022 season rates commence on the 1st April 2021.

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