3 Day Light to Light Walk, Sapphire Coast NSW

3 Day Light to Light Walk, Sapphire Coast NSW - Bushwalking, Nature & WildlifeOne of New South Wales best kept secrets is the amazing Light to Light Walk situated on the Sapphire Coast near Eden in New South Wales. This scenic guided 30km walk winds its way from the historic Lighthouse at Boyds Tower to the charming 1883 Lighthouse at Green Cape. A walking tour with all the creature comforts.

This dramatic landscape is a kaleidoscope of contrasts from the striking 320 million years old red rocky outcrops to coastal forests. Far from clinging to the coast, the walk meanders across the invisible boundaries that separate one set of plant habitats from another. As if stepping through a door, heathland gives away to tall open forests. Thick groves of tea tree or paperbark trees emerge into open coastal banksia woodlands or imposing forests of Woolly butt.

This walk has been designed for those looking for a guided multi day walking experience with everything done for you, so you can focus on enjoying the walk. Our guests won’t be asked to carry their clothes or overnight bags for the entire tour, these will be transported for you each day. This is a big advantage for our guests, in that you will avoid carrying a heavy rucksack on your back every day. With Life’s An Adventure you will carry as little as your water bottle, camera and lunch each day!

After a day’s hiking experience, there’s nothing better than returning to wonderful accommodation where you can rest and recharge your batteries. Our accommodation for two night is the luxurious Seahorse boutique hotel located on the shores of pretty Twofold Bay commanding stunning views to Eden. This accommodation offers modern luxury with the ambience of old world charm. Relax and unwind in the Cocktail Lounge before dinner taking in the beautiful views.

In the evenings we dine in the elegant Bettena’s a la carte restaurant. With its open fireplaces and modern cuisine featuring local seafood, there is no better way to finish the day.

We call our guides CEOs – Chief Experience Officers and it’s their job to ensure your walking holiday is everything you hoped it would be. Our guides are wonderful at bringing the group together as well as sharing their love of the environment in which you will travel.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Saltwater Creek – Bittangabee Bay

Distance : 9kms
Duration : 3 hours one way journey with breaks
Grade : Medium

Flights are available with Rex Airlines from Sydney to Merimbula arriving at 10:45am. These will need to be booked independently.
(Notes flights direct from Melbourne are also available which arrive at 8:20am)

Meet your guides at Merimbula Airport at 10:45am for transfer to the start of the walk. (Alternatively if you are driving our guide will meet you at the Seahorse Inn Hotel where you can leave your car).

We start our three day walk at Saltwater Creek. We will be taking in stunning and ever-changing views passing banksia woodlands, sheltered coves and red-rock platforms. Stop for a dip at the small and scenic Bittangabee Beach in Bittangabee Bay, then on to the nearby Bittangabee Bay Ruins and explore the remnants of incomplete structures dating back to the 1840s. In the 1840s, the Imlay Brothers used Bittangabee Bay as a base for some of the early shore based whaling operations undertaken in and around Twofold Bay. We also pass vital eco systems such as heathlands which are home to a remarkable diversity of plant and animal species, many of which occur only in this habitat. In spring and early summer, heathland areas come alive with an array of honeyeaters and other nectar feeding birds. After our walk we transfer to the charming waterfront Seahorse Inn Hotel for our next 2 nights accommodation. Tonight enjoy dinner in the restaurant featuring fine dining served with wine.

Day 2: Boyds Tower – Saltwater Creek Track

Distance : 13.2km (one way)
Duration : 4.5 hours walking with breaks
Grade : Medium

After breakfast at the hotel we head out for the day’s adventure. Today we begin our coastal trek at the northern end overlooking Twofold bay from Boyds Tower and admire this historic sandstone building originally intended to be a lighthouse. Boyd’s Tower was constructed in the late 1840s as part of an ambitious plan by Benjamin Boyd to establish Eden as a major commercial port. He was however denied official approval to use the tower as a lighthouse and the main use for this tower came from shore based whales of the coastline. We pass open grassy areas such as between Mowarry Point and Leather Jacket Bay, you may see eastern grey kangaroos grazing. Between the gently curving rocky landscapes of Leatherjacket Bay and Mowarry Point, we hike through coastal forests and heath and across red-rocked platforms. Marvel how Mowarry point has a direct line of sight to both Boyds Tower and Green Cape. See if you can pick out other headlands along the way from where you might be able to see a lighthouse. We follow the trail and lookout for seals and seabirds year-round, or migrating whales in season, particularly between September and November. Finally we head to the pristine Saltwater Creek Beach to cool down with a swim or surf. Afterwards we return to the Seahorse Inn Hotel. Enjoy a relaxing dinner with your fellow travellers and chat about the day’s adventures.

Day 3: Bittangabee Bay – Green Cape

Distance : 7kms
Duration : 3 hours walking one way with breaks
Grade : Medium

After a leisurely breakfast we set out on our final day towards Green Cape Light station our final destination. Follow a trail that was traditionally travelled by light keepers taking supplies that were off-loaded at Bittangabee Bay; look closely for remnants of the old horse-drawn tram track. You’ll find a walkway to the lookout at the tip of Green Cape where you can stop to look for dolphins and take in stunning views across Disaster Bay.Stroll down to the end of the rocky cape and with plenty of good vantage points looking out to the sea, the walk offers an ideal chance to look for whales migrating along the coastline – especially during autumn and spring. Watch out also for seals or seabirds plunging into the ocean waters for a feed of fish. If you’re lucky you may also spot a sea eagle riding the thermal air currents in slow majestic circles, or hovering low over the water before dropping down to catch fish or waterfowl. The Green Cape lighthouse commenced operations in 1883 as part of a plan by Francis Hixson to ‘light the coast like a street with lamps’. This was an especially important development in an age when coastal shipping offered the main communication and supply line between isolated coastal communities and ports such as Sydney and Melbourne. At 29 cm tall, it was the largest mass concrete structure built in NSW up until that time. Today the light’s operation is fully automated and the NPWS manages the site.

Afterwards our guides will drop you at Merimbula airport at 2:45pm for your return flight to Sydney.

Your 3 day walking holiday includes:

• Fully supported walk with no overnight bags to carry
• Accommodation 2 nights at the boutique Seahorse Hotel
• 3 lunches
• 2 hot and cold breakfasts
• 2 restaurant dinners served with wine
• Fresh fruit and trail mix to enjoy during your walk
• Professionally guided – Our guides are locals who are passionate, well trained and enthusiastic with the ability to bring to life a depth of information
• Transfers from Merimbula Airport
• National Parks Fees

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the rates listed are for the 2021 - 2022 season. The 2021 - 2022 season rates are valid from the 1st April 2021 to the 31st March 2022. The 2022 - 2023 season rates commence on the 1st April 2022.

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