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The romance of northern Africa. Crowded markets, street-vendor's cries, and a hustling bustling world. Perhaps, in the cool of the evening on a rooftop terrace, a Tajine quietly cooks, waiting to release its mouth watering aromas of Moroccan spices and meats”¦ the perfect experience for a summer evening wherever you are.

Tajine is the name of a wonderful conical Moroccan cooking pot as well as the name of the recipe itself. Tajine recipes are aromatic, flavoursome slow cooked stews of meat, fruit, vegetables, and spices.

Tajines are cooked in Morocco over coals or open flame. At home, you can use the Tajine over gas flames, electric elements or in the oven.

Get ready to enjoy the subtle flavours of herbs and spices mixing beautifully with food in the unique cooking environment of the Tajine pot.

The heavy base of the Tajine withstands constant use, and retains heat. The cone-shaped cover acts like an oven and the sealed lid retains heat and moisture, which prevents food from drying out during the cooking process and allows the slow infusion of flavours throughout the dish. The lid has an extended knob at the top, which is designed to remain cooler and act as a handle. The low, indirect heat produces a rich, aromatic flavour as the food slowly simmers for up to several hours.

The Moroccan Tajine Cooking Kit includes:

A beautiful hand-made 31 cm Tajine cooking pot. This traditional pot is made from heavy terracotta, which is painted and glazed. It has two parts; a bottom, which is flat and circular with low sides, and a large cover, which rests inside of the bottom during cooking and is cone or dome shaped, and has a small hole for air to escape during cooking. The Tajine is used both for cooking and for serving.
Tajine recipe booklet
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Five specially selected spices for you to season and flavour a wide variety of dishes suitable for the Tajine - Berber Ethiopian Rub, Baharat North African Blend, Harissa Tunisian Blend, Moroccan Ras-el-Hanout and Paprika
A Beechwood spatula for serving tajine portions to your guests
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