Daintree Wilderness

Daintree Wilderness - Bushwalking, Nature & WildlifeDaintree is nature's kingdom, a gem in Australia's crown of natural icons. Fan palms; Flying Paradise Kingfishers; tree frogs; butterflies of every hue and colour; Rainbow Lorikeets; entwining strangler figs; rampant climbing vines set by crystal streams flowing into a tropical sea.

The remote natural magnificence of Cape Tribulation and Daintree Wet Tropics is far from the glitz of civilisation and brings both awe and peace - a true solace to the soul.

Tour Highlights:

Head north along the Coral Coast following the Captain Cook Highway
Tour Port Douglas - resort playground of Tropical North Queensland
Visit Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary
Guided tour through the 3 environments - rainforest, wetlands and grasslands
Head inland passing sugar cane fields towards Daintree National Park
Guided rainforest walk and discover the intricacies at Mossman Gorge
Cross the Daintree River on board a cable driven vehicular ferry
Travel deep into Daintree rainforest to Cape Tribulation Resort
Have a tropical buffet lunch
Cape Tribulation - dazzling untrodden white sand beaches
Time for a walk along this perfect beach or view the headland from the boardwalk
Visit Alexandra Lookout - spectacular views of the Daintree River & Coral Sea
Cruise the Daintree River - mangroves, impenetrable jungle rainforest
See crocodile infested waters
Look for birds and wildlife
Interesting residents include spiders, pythons, death adders and crocodiles!
Enjoy complimentary afternoon tea before returning to Cairns.


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