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Horse Riding Beach Trail Ride - Horse RidingOur Beach Trail Ride is perfect for anybody who loves horses and the beach. During this experience you will enjoy a magical horse ride along the wild and deserted beaches between Warrnambool and Port Fairy. Because our horses are specially bred and trained this experience is perfect for beginners to advanced riders!!

On arrival at our stables our qualified staff will provide you with instructions and tips on horse riding before leaving the stables. Our staff will lead you and your group and will give you the choice to go steady or to give cantering a go, but we don't gallop our horses.

Our journey will begin by passing through Kellie's swamp where you will be able to see some beautiful wildlife from August to January. Once we have gone past the tall sand dunes we will ride along the pristine waters on a beautiful stretch of beach situated between Warrnambool and Port Fairy.

Our rides are great for first time riders as our horses are specially bred and are well suited from the nervous beginners to the very experienced rider so everybody can enjoy the thrill of riding. Horse riding is a great way to get outdoors but is also a fun activity and is great in winter or summer.

Our staff lead all rides so every rider will have a safe and enjoyable ride. Every rider walks and trots (a slow jog), with the opportunity to have a go at a canter, even if you have never ridden before, an experience that very few other trail riding establishments will offer first time riders, we don’t however gallop our horses.

Rug up in winter and enjoy the white wash waves, beautiful gold and green sand dunes. Or take advantage of the pristine deep blue water and sunny beaches, during summer. If you are lucky catch a glimpse of a wallaby or seal, or sit back and view a great range of bird life.


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