Kiteboarding 5 Hour Addiction Package

Kiteboarding 5 Hour Addiction Package - Surf & Kite SurfingA program designed to get you kiteboarding safely and successfully on your own. With 2 exhilarating lessons (5 hours in total) you'll learn the essential beginning steps to kiteboarding as well as the skills and tricks required to control the board when going solo - feel the rush!

The 5 hour Addiction Package is broken up into 2 separate lessons which is best done over different days.

The package is designed to take you from no previous kitesurfing knowledge and aim to get you to a stage where you know how to be safe out on the water and confident to be able to purchase gear and practice the skills you have learnt in the lessons.

Lesson One - Kite Pilot (1 Hour On The Beach)

This important first step is the fastest and safest way to learn and develop solid kite skills before you attempt to use a board - 80% of Kiteboarding is kite control.

You'll be introduced to all the beginning necessities such as selecting the correct equipment, local site orientation, the wind window, safety systems, flying power-kites, full sized 4-line inflatable kites, setup, launching/landing, the power zone as well as basic kiteboarding etiquette.

Lesson One - Hit the Water (1 Hour In Shallow Water)

The session is designed to help you gain the confidence you need to be hooked into the kite, use the safety systems and gain the skills of self-rescue in the water.

In this second lesson you'll be taught set up and safety skill review, using a harness, hooking in, using the safety systems, power/de-power, body dragging, water relaunching your kite and self-rescue.

Lesson Two - Board Rider (3 Hours On The Water)

Now that you can pilot a full sized kite in the water with safe, confident control, you are ready to progress to a board. In this lesson you will develop the skills you need to Kiteboard safely and successfully on your own.

Skills learnt in this final lesson included unassisted set up and launching, tuning the kite, water starting, edging and board control, changing direction and the tricks to staying up wind.


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