Vintage Jaguar E Type Convertible Car Hire

Vintage Jaguar E Type Convertible Car Hire - Car HireThe only car to be displayed in the New York Museum of Contemporary Art! Hire this beautiful car for a day, and experience the 4.2 Litres of brute power. Triple carburetors, limited slip differential, wire wheels and disc brakes all round. The E Type is a great car for weddings, to make a stylish exit or entrance on your special day.

This car 'Penelope' is one of the rare 2+2 conversions that was completed in the nineties. The series one and two 6 cylinder roadsters were built on the coupe bodyshell which had very restrictive interior room and small doors which made entry and egress from the cars quite an art form!

The series 3 roadster which came out in the early seventies used the 2+2 shell which had a longer wheelbase and, consequently, more interior space and, most important, much bigger doors. Unfortunately the Series 3 was only available with the complicated and heavy V12 engine. Hence the conversions.

Penelope was built using a new Series 3 roadster shell but with the traditional and superb XK 6 cylinder motor and running gear. This is the Roadster that Jaguar should have built, but never did. The series 3 shell gives excellent interior space and 10 inch wider doors which makes entries and exits far more civilized.

The series 3 also had a larger radiator opening and additional vents compared to the series 1 and 2 cars. This helps to keep the engine cool which is a great improvement, particularly in Sydney where our temperatures are often well above those prevailing in the UK. She has been further improved with the fitment of a 4 speed manual gearbox from the later XJ6 model.

This gearbox has an overdrive gear on top which makes cruising more comfortable and keeps fuel consumption to an acceptable level. New Inertial Reel seatbelts have recently been fitted for improved safety and usability. As has central locking and a modern radio/CD player!

A new folding hood has also been fitted and you will be pleased to know that, it is much easier to erect and take down than most British cars of that era.

She also has modern radial tyres fitted but it is important to remember when driving it that it is still 40 year old technology. Even the most basic modern car can out corner it and, importantly, out brake it. So please leave extra distance between you and the car in front. A 3 second gap is a minimum in the dry. Longer in the wet. Remember, no Anti Lock Brakes in the sixties!

• Convertible
• Seats Two
• Manual Gearbox
• Manual Roof

So whatever the occasion you are sure to have a day to remember driving around Sydney in our beautiful Jaguar. This car is a two seater, so why not share this experience with a special somebody!


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