Queensland Fishing Licences and Restrictions

Fishers are not required to hold a licence when fishing in Queensland unless in specific 'stocked compounds.' However bag limits and minimum fish sizes apply across the State. The restrictions vary depending on the specie. For current fishing restrictions you should consult the QLD Fisheries.

Permits are required in stocking zones (a list is available on the website listed above). In these areas you must hold a permit if you are 18 years or over and/or using a fishing line or set line. A permit may be issued to a couple or an individual.

An annual permit costs $36 and may be obtained at a number of locations. A list of these locations can be found by contacting the Queensland Department of Primary Industries on 13 25 23.

There are regulations regarding the equipment you may carry at any one time for freshwater fishing. In freshwater you may not have in possession or in use more than:

* 4 canister traps

* 4 collapsible traps

* 4 dillies

* 4 funnel traps

* 4 of these traps in any combination; or

* 4 round traps

The following are a some general rules regarding recreational fishing in QLD:

* Explosives, electrical devices or poisons are prohibited as a means of taking fish in QLD

* Recreational fishers may not sell the fish they catch

* Traps, set lines and floats should be tagged with the owner's surname and address

* Using crustaceans or fish outside their natural habitat as live bait is prohibited in QLD

* You are not permitted to use more than 6 fishing lines at any one time in QLD waters

Queensland performs a lot of research on fish to track their movement, survival and growth. The fish studied in these programs are tagged and should not be taken. If you do take a tagged fish you should call 1800 077 001 to report the tag number, length and the date/place of capture.

Note: The information on this page is provided as a guide only and fishing rules can change. It is recommended that you visit the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website for the most up to date information.

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