Western Australia Fishing Licences and Restrictions

In Western Australia (WA) you are required to obtain a recreational fishing licence for:

* Recreational Fishing from Boat (statewide)

* Abalone Fishing

* South-west Freshwater Angling*

* Marron

* Net Fishing (haul, set and throw)

* Rock Lobster

*Anglers under the age of 16 do not require a south-west Freshwater angling licence.

You do not need a licence to fish from the shore or a jetty, as long as you did not use a boat to get to your fishing location (if you did you require a Recreational fishing from boat licence).

Aboriginal persons are not required to have a recreational fishing licence as long as the fish are taken only for his/her family and not for commercial purposes.

The licencing fees range from $40 up to $50 full price. A half price fee will be charged for persons under the age of 16. There are also a number of people entitled to half price licencing based upon Government concessions, for a full list consult the WA Fisheries. You are eligible for a 10% discount if purchasing two or more activities, if purchased at the same time.

To apply for a recreational fishing licence you can download an application form and submit by post or in person at a Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development office, or you can collect a form from one of the offices and make payment over the counter. For your convenience you can also apply online through the Department of Transport website.

As in the other Australian states there are bag limits and possession limits on the number of marine species you can take from the water and the minimum/maximum size these creatures must be. Consult the WA Fisheries website for information on the various regulations. There is also the free RecFishWest app. Once downloaded it works when your phone is offline.

Please contact one of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Fisheries offices if you have any questions.

With 30% of the WA population participating in recreational fishing it is imperative that all fishers abide by the size restrictions and return any under size marine life to the water. To ensure the creature has the best chance of survival there are several things you must do, including:

* If the hook appears to be lodged deep inside the fish, do not remove it - this may cause serious organ damage. Instead, cut the line 20 -30cm from the hook and release the fish

* If you have to remove the fish from the water to unhook it, place it on a cool, wet surface

* Minimize hook damage by using large hooks, circle hooks and/or barbed hooks

* When returning the fish to the water be aware that it may be suffering from a lack of oxygen. Hold the fish above the head and push it through the water as if it was swimming, this allows water to rush through the gills and send oxygen through it's system

Note: The information on this page is provided as a guide only and fishing rules can change. It is recommended that you visit the WA Fisheries for the most up to date information.

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