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Fitzroy Falls, home to a spectacular waterfall, has been a tourist destination for over 150 years. Two hours from Sydney, the Fitzroy Falls village lies on the main road between the South Coast at Nowra and the Highlands to Kangaroo Valley.

This stunning area is located on the north-eastern end of the Morton National Park - one of the largest National Parks in New South Wales, covering over 160,000 hectares.

First discovered in the early 1800's by Charles Throsby, Fitzroy Falls, was named after the New South Wales Governor Fitzroy during his visit to the beautiful area in the 1850's.

While a town was planned for the area in the 1860's little development occurred. With the production of motor vehicles Fizroy Falls became, and still remains, a popular stopping point for tourists travelling towards the Highlands.

The magnificent waterfall launches water from a height of 82 metres down into the catchment below. Fitzoy Falls lies on the path of the Yarrunga Creek and flows down into the Kangaroo River. There are a number of lookouts from which you can experience the spectacular views that have become synonymous with the Fitzroy Falls area.

You can walk amongst the native splendour on a boardwalk that runs alongside the creek through to a lookout at the top of the falls, (100m). The two main walks are the East Rim Walking Track and the West Rim Walking Track .The East Rim Walking Track is the longer of the two (3.5kms). It is an easy walk, however, requires approximately two hours to complete. The West Rim Walking Track is a mere 15 minutes from the waterfalls and incorporates the Jersey Lookout.

The Morton National Park is rich in natural diversity, showcasing an array of flora and fauna. The park features a range of natural wonders including sandstone cliffs, rivers and valleys. The park is home to an abundance of wildflowers, eagles, reptiles, parrots, possums, bandicoots and dingoes - to name a few!

The visitors centre, located in the wildlife reserve, offers information on the history of the area; the details of the different walking tracks; displays of flora and fauna; picnic areas; toilets and a cafe. Fitzroy Falls is a stunning area just waiting to be explored.

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