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Flinders Island was charted by Matthew Flinders, and like King Island was a major seal hunting area. It is also the place from which 135 Aboriginal people were sent to Hobart, on a journey where only 47 arrived safely.

The main towns on the island are Lady Barron and Whitemark. Lady Barron is a large fishing port to the south of the island, whereas Whitemark is the administrative centre of the island. If driving around the island, then bear in mind that these are the only two places where you can buy petrol.

Fishing is one of the main attractions on the island, along with bushwalking, diving and just relaxing on the beaches. You can go both rock and beach fishing from several places on the island, although for scuba diving it is best to head towards the coastline on the north and western sides of the island. There is a fantastic bushwalk, which takes about 5 hours, climbing to the top of Mt Strzelecki. You can get to the base of the walk about 10km south of Whitemark, and will see plenty of wildlife along the way.

Another place of interest on the island is Wybalenna, the place from which tragic journey departed. You can visit the chapel and the cemetery. There is also an interesting museum, which has some fantastic displays called Emita Museum, just a short distance away.

There is a selection of accommodation and restaurants in both Lady Barron and Whitemark, as well as holiday lettings available around the island.

Flinders Island Accommodation

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