Wanted ~ Curtains for Toyota HiAce Commuter van 1998

Hi ~  I am wanting to buy curtains for our van.  Block out and darker colour the better.  Accross the front & rear and it has two windows each side.  Love to hear from you if you can help in any way.  Thanks 

Posted By Zewella on 11th August 2016

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Hi there,
Just make some up yourself - takes about 15mins, and you can buy everything you need for under $20
You'll need: a dark-colourd bed sheet or quilt cover (~$1 from any op-shop), a pack of flat metal rings (about a 10c coin size, you'll need 10-12 for both sides front & back, ~$5 from hardware shops), some extra stregth magnets (10-12, same number as the flat metal rings, ~$10 from hardware shops), and a tube of superglue. Also needle & thread for some simple stitching.
Cut your bedsheet to the right sizes, superglue magnets to the edges of your car ceiling interior - the hard plastic parts work best for this.  Stitch the flat metal rings onto your curtain shmeets at the right spots, and you're done.
When you need to car-camp for the night, just snap your curtains to the magnets, and you're good to go.
Happy Travels ,

Posted By Andy5343 on Sunday 15th December 2019 @ 07:09:45


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