Broome to Perth in 6 days..Coral Bay

Fabulous experience.

We flew to Broome from Perth and using a Britz Elite Motor Home drove back 3,060 kms with a detour to Coral Bay and Monkey Mia, then straight through Geraldton back along Northern Highway.

Coral Bay was my favourite. The caravan park was right across from a beautiful dream beach with white sands. Walking left you came to a beach hut with very reasonably priced snorkelling gear and all the rest. In front was the Ningaloo Reef and brightly colored fish and coral within a few metres of the edge of the water. You walk down to the end of the cape and snorkell back leisurely led by the gentle current. Stunning beach.

Go right to the other end and you have the bay where the manta rays come and you get the ocassional turtle and whale. Boat tours take you to feed turtles and view the underwater coral and fish through the glass bottom.

I could quite easily spend the rest of my life there.. beautiful and surrounded by nature.

Posted By Marguerite on 18th December 2004

Updated : 18th December 2004 | Words : 173 | Views : 2125

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