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I will be traveling in Australia from November- early January. My friends and I want to do some camping in the Queensland area and on Kangaroo Island. From what I understand we have to get permits to camp in the national parks, but they are 12 month there anyway around this. We won't have a vehicle and will only be doing bush camping.

Anyone with any advice out there or a permit to buy for a few months? Thanks


Posted By Tneal on 30th May 2009

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I always camp in national  parks in qld and  you can get daily permits just register with Qld 
Camping fees

Fees for camping permits in Queensland’s parks and forests, from 1 July 2020:

$6.75 per person per night, or $27.00 per family per night;
$3.70 per person per night for students and accompanying adults on approved educational excursions.

Posted By Yappa on Wednesday 19th May 2021 @ 17:05:24


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