Hamlyn Bay WA

Stromatolites are living rocks that are over 600 billion years of age and were on earth before there was life. In fact, they gave out oxygen and it was this oxygen that made life possible on earth.

Hamlyn Pool is on the way to Exmouth, 29kms from Nunutarra Roadhouse. We arrived there at sunset and saw and photographed one of the most magnificent sunsets I have ever seen.

The walk to the rocks is over hot white sand, and then over a bridge with clever funny explanations of the living rocks below. These living rocks grow 1mm a year and can only live in this very salty water with very humid conditions.

The accommodation park is rather nice, and there is a restaurant and Telegraph Station Museum there too. I have also seen the Stromatolites at Lake Clifton which is 35kms SW from Mandurah, and 80 kms from Bunbury, and wined and dined at the Lake Clifton Restaurantand winery. Both places are well worth a visit and it is very special to be standing looking at something that is older than life itself.

See my site at webshots for photos

Posted By Maggi on 18th December 2004

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