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Darling River Run (Outback NSW)

Camping at Mt Oxley, Bourke

Hi all, recently back from a trip down the Darling River, a touring route through Outback NSW that follows the course of this great river from up near Walgett down to Wentworth were the river joins the Murray and together they flow to Adelaide.The route includes some wonderful ...

Posted By sambob on 6th April 2017

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Bus trip along the east coast


During November or December East Coast..Melbourne to Gold Coast GreyHound hop on/off bus hotels...or hostels females  

Posted By DLNuit on 28th March 2017

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Roadtrip - Kimberlies to Darwin to Cairns

Are you up for the trip of a lifetime? We are a group of three (a 25yo male, 25yo female and 19yo Female) heading towards Darwin up the West coast but we are after someone else to join our travel group in Darwin or Broome. We are arriving in Darwin to drop off one of our friends ...

Posted By adventureKing on 24th November 2016

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Sydney to Gold Coast anywhere btw 24th Dec '16 to 8th Jan '17

Hi Comrades, I am an Engineer, male 34yrs of age working and living in Sydney. As I have office break during Christmas season, I was planning to visit Gold coast and surroundings during that time as I never visited it before. I have a small car for travel and other expenses ...

Posted By Ada on 15th October 2016

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travelling to Bradford,vic, melbourne

me at home

Hello folks, my name is Gina from Japan. I am a teacher and am 44years old. We can exchange facebook page if you want. I will be visiting my sis in victoria, Bradford. Melbourne. She lives out in the outbacks where nothing happens. I may want to take off by myself soon as i ...

Posted By congenial on 18th August 2016

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Travelling through the Central West of NSW

I must share with my travel companions about our trip through the Central West of NSW. We travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane on the in land route which proved to be very scenic dispite what people say about travelling in land as boring. Tha mountains were beautiful and the ...

Posted By Janet121212 on 25th February 2016

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Must visit events

Georgeous Australian Wine Tastings included in price

If you are in Oz in March or June these are two must visit events which will not break the bank. The 2014 Avon Valley Vintage Festival will feature antiques & collectibles, free antique valuations, vintage clothing & jewellery, a silent auction, a vintage poker den, door ...

Posted By AEM1 on 16th December 2013

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Are you looking for Skateparks?

Gold Coast Skateparks Map

Here is a complete list of skateparks in Gold Coast: Complete List of Gold Coast's Skateparks: Coomera Skatepark * Old concrete mini with banks and an added street course. 42 Beattie Road, Viney Park next to Dreamworld, Coomera.     Mount Tamborine Skatepark * Small obstacles ...

Posted By boardshopaustralia on 3rd August 2011

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Rain for Kilcowera Station @ SW QLD

Red Water Hole on Kilcowera Station

Our friends at Kilcowera have had about 138 mnls of rain over the festive season and are very happy after battling through 9 years of drought. They tell me all the swamps, waterholes and lagoons are full and grass and herbage growing well. Lake Wyara has a lot of water in it ...

Posted By John Gill on 9th January 2010

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Road Trip, Brisbane - Melbourne

Im planning a Road Trip from Brisbane to Melbourne at the end of January, and im looking for iconic place to stop along the way. We will be taking the inland route for a bit more cultural flavour and mainly to avoid Sydney and traffic. What are some cool places to stop between ...

Posted By expat on 16th December 2009

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Camping Permits

I will be traveling in Australia from November- early January. My friends and I want to do some camping in the Queensland area and on Kangaroo Island. From what I understand we have to get permits to camp in the national parks, but they are 12 month there anyway ...

Posted By Tneal on 30th May 2009

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Dowling Track & Kilcowera Station

A few of us were traveling north from southern NSW recently and decided to give the newly named Dowling Track a go. It goes from Bourke NSW to Quilpie in Qld with a total distance of 567 km or so the brochure says. We were in no hurry so had plenty of stops to check out the ...

Posted By John Gill on 20th June 2008

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i am looking for a nice hotel in kangaroo island. a friend suggested southern ocean lodge to me, is it any good there?

Posted By matthew26 on 5th March 2008

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The Top 10 Things to do in Tasmania

Hi, I reckon Tasmania has to be the most beautiful island in the world. So to celebrate this I have put together a pictorial of my top ten things to do! Here are some: 1) Tour the tulips of table cape in October 2) Travel the western explorer 3) Walk with penguins in stanly 4) ...

Posted By Peter on 15th August 2007

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QLD 4WD Trip

I'm spending a month travelling around Queensland in 2007. Can someone recommend some 4WD destinations I should visit?

Posted By Terry Price on 28th March 2007

Views : 3414 | Comments : 3

Going 4W Driving in Northern Territory

Im going 4W Driving in Northern Territory in late 2007. Does anyone know of some good spots?

Posted By Kyle Partridge on 28th March 2007

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I'm going to be 4WDing through QLD in a few months. Where should I go for some great 4WDing?

Posted By Kylie Parsons on 28th March 2007

Views : 3773 | Comments : 5

Four Wheel Driving in South Australia

I am going on a 4WD holiday in South Australia. Can anyone recommend some 4WD spots in the State?

Posted By John Lachman on 28th March 2007

Views : 4860 | Comments : 4

Great 4WD Spots in Tasmania

Does anyone know of some good 4WD spots in Tassie?

Posted By Peter Edwards on 28th March 2007

Views : 4003 | Comments : 1

4WD in Victoria

Im going on a 4WD holiday in Victoria. Can anyone suggest some good places to visit?

Posted By Tony Seale on 28th March 2007

Views : 2312 | Comments : 1

4WDing in WA

Im going on a 4WD adventure around Western Australia in 2007. Does anyone know of some great locations to take the 4WD for a spin?

Posted By Lilly on 28th March 2007

Views : 2381 | Comments : 2


My friend and I are looking at camping when travelling around Australia. Can anyone suggest some good camp spots? Anything we should take with us?

Posted By Emily Duncan on 12th March 2007

Views : 2936 | Comments : 4


My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon and were considering Australia. Is there any good islands or coastal spots that would be nice for a honeymoon?

Posted By Katrina Price on 12th March 2007

Views : 10026


I am a young traveller looking at visiting Australia, what are some popular attractions or must-sees?

Posted By Patrick on 12th March 2007

Views : 1989 | Comments : 1


I love photography and will be visiting Australian shores in 2008. Is there any spots in particular I should go to to get some great landscape shots?

Posted By Melanie Dunn on 12th March 2007

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I am a fanatic surfer keen on travelling around Australia. Where are some good surfing spots? What sort of conditions should I expect?

Posted By Bob on 12th March 2007

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Hi, What about the smallest state of Australia (actually not quite ACT is smaller but it is not really a state but a territory), I am talking about Tasmania! Have you ever visited it?? mpl

Posted By mpl on 17th September 2006

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1000 places to see before you die...

Hi everybody, There's a great book on this subject has anyone read it? What are your recommended places to see before you die There's also a great site I found on this subject: check it out... cheers,

Posted By lambda on 13th September 2006

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Fitroy Falls

I was amazed Fitzroy Falls was not recognised in the search engine. It has more visitors per annum than Ayres Rock, it is part of the Morton National Park, 90 mins from both Sydney & Canberra. While exploring the Morton National Park, you will realise the quality of the Southern ...

Posted By Motel Couple on 14th July 2006

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Town of 1770 - Agnes Water

This is a great area that has only just had its road sealed making excess by car now possilble, the 1st time I traveled to the Queensland Discovery Coast Town of 1770 - Agnes Water, was on my way to Cains from Sydney and was told by a friend to check this place out, well it was ...

Posted By Dan on 22nd April 2006

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Darwin beaches

Hi I go to Darwin next April, and I would like to know if there are some beaches where I can swim, without worrying about seawasps, crocs, sharks or other dangerous animals. Last time I went in Darwin, I didn't see beaches where people bathe in the sea. Thanx for your replies. Lou, ...

Posted By Lou on 20th February 2006

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Lightning Ridge NSW

If there is anywhere in Australia I would recommend it is Lightning Ridge in the Walgett Shire North West NSW. This brilliant and unique destination is a must for everyone it has beautiful 42 degree artesian bore baths, it is the only producer of the precious black opal in Australia ...

Posted By Penelope on 15th December 2005

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Magnetic Island is Awesome

Hi guys, I just want to let you know that ive just been to Magnetic Island in Queensland. I have my PADI scuba ticket and I went diving up there. The fish were sooooooooooo big. This site recommends Pleasure Divers, well I went and dived with them, they were fab. Great staff, ...

Posted By Diver_girl1 on 31st May 2005

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Staying in Nelson Bay

If you're planning to visit the Port Stephens area, you might consider this B and B in Nelson Bay. "" (It's AAA/Four Star) Best wishes, Craig

Posted By Craig on 11th May 2005

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Adventures in Victoria

The Peninsula is the place to be at Christmas...Rosebud and Dromana for the younger guys and Portsea for the older jetset. Actually anywhere there is nice...just drive down and stop where you wish to stay. My favourite places in Melbourne are the Dandenongs...stunning views ...

Posted By Marguerite on 18th December 2004

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Hamlyn Bay WA

Stromatolites are living rocks that are over 600 billion years of age and were on earth before there was life. In fact, they gave out oxygen and it was this oxygen that made life possible on earth. Hamlyn Pool is on the way to Exmouth, 29kms from Nunutarra Roadhouse. We arrived ...

Posted By Maggi on 18th December 2004

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Broome to Perth in 6 days..Coral Bay

Fabulous experience. We flew to Broome from Perth and using a Britz Elite Motor Home drove back 3,060 kms with a detour to Coral Bay and Monkey Mia, then straight through Geraldton back along Northern Highway. Coral Bay was my favourite. The caravan park was right across from ...

Posted By Marguerite on 18th December 2004

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Stockton Beach

Hi, I live in Newcastle about 1 hour from Nelson Bay and I can tell you it is an awesome beach. There are four wheel drive and horse treks over the beach. Stockton Beach is one of the largest and most beautiful beach's in the world, it even has an old ship wreck called the ...

Posted By Niikki on 19th January 2002

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Sydney towards up north

Hi fellow travelers, my name is Lukas Best Male 21 CzechoAmerican traveling up the east coast to an . . .

Posted By Howardhughes on 23rd June 2017

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Darling River Run (Outback NSW)

Hi all, recently back from a trip down the Darling River, a touring route through Outback NSW that f . . .

Posted By sambob on 6th April 2017

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Bus trip along the east coast

During November or December East Coast..Melbourne to Gold Coast GreyHound hop on/off bus hotels.. . . .

Posted By DLNuit on 28th March 2017

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