54 years old woman is Looking for travel buddy

I want to travel all over Australia ( and some parts of the world) On my bucket list are Central Australia, The kimberleys and Tasmania but I''m open to other ideas.

Leaving the everyday stress behind (for a short while) Relax and Becoming "part of nature" is what I like and need from time to time.

I can't leave home for an extended period of time so will have to make several shots trips(a week or two at a time). I will like to travel with an easy going and relax person.

Please contact me if you wish to talk and plane a trip.


Posted By Roni on 13th February 2017

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Hi every one . My trip will begin in Western Australia from 3 November for 17 days. i would like a female to accompany with me.My visit is exciting as my friends explained the trip is mainly for adults. i have discussed with PO travel that the evening meal will be joining 8 lucky adults for the trip.

Posted By bob hoey on Tuesday 26th June 2018 @ 05:15:57


Great hoiiday planned for November. Helicopter ride into the kadadoe(sorry i cannot spell)Ring me after 5 pm or later if interested.

PHONE : (02)99729729

Posted By bob hoey on Thursday 21st June 2018 @ 22:10:13


Ring me on my phone and discuss my trip with you.Tomorrow i will be out visiting 2 people with my friends. So ring me after 5 pm if you can.

PHONE : (02)99729729

Posted By bob hoey on Thursday 21st June 2018 @ 22:03:05


Hi I am 76 years old and will be travelling by PO Cruises from November for 17 days. My trip would like to have a companion for my tour. I am well and would like you to call if you are interested thanks love from Bob.

Posted By bob hoey on Thursday 21st June 2018 @ 16:58:17


Hi, i'm 62yrs,almost ready for road trip sometime in early 2018,i am from Tasmania and want to do either east coast to the top or all WA coast,2or 3 mths.Have my own 4wheel drive and caravan wanting someone for walks talks and company and to share some expences,open to any suggestions.

Posted By Barry on Wednesday 6th December 2017 @ 06:40:03


Hi Roni
Wow!!. You sound and look amazing, and I'm probably not what you're looking for. Or maybe I am. Pls read on.
I've probably got no chance here but I'll put myself before you and let you decide.

Hi I'm Bill, a mech engineer living in Melb. Ive just started this internet journey and it scares and frustrates me already. Sifting thru all the "stuff" trying to find that special and elusive needle-in-the-haystack is sapping and frustrating but we battle on. We're all in the same boat, with different requirements and expectations and I respect that.

I'm an experienced 4WD bush traveller who's always travelled solo and sometimes with friends. I enjoy the mountains and the deserts and I like to get away from the city and sit just by the river/campfire somewhere.
I have an amazingly well equiped 4WD escape vehicle that takes me where ever and when ever I want to go, in style.
I go where there are no/few tourists and no/few brochure destinations. It's definitely different and not for everyone.

Im a serious yet sensitive, organised, mature person but flirty and fun to be with. I'm very clean, hygienic and tidy and I like to think Im a reasonable looker, though I think my best is on the inside!
Im very talkative and love to chat on if you like. A respectful and patient listener too and certainly never boring.
Im flexible with my time but like you I prefer about a weeklong trip at a time is normal for me, but 2 and 3 days etc is ok too.
I respect all ladies and conduct myself in a gentlemanly, respectful manner. Your (and my) safety and happiness is my prime responsibility.
I'd be ecstatic to find some one nice, mature, honest, sensitive and sincere to share time/places with. Regularly, if possible with a Melbourne lady, as I'm not looking for flash-by experiences.
You need to also be a clean and tidy lady someone who takes pride and care of herself. You need to be open minded as this type of travel is not for the precious types. It can be very close and personal as sometimes there isn't much privacy.
Its not motel based travel. You need to take part, help out and be hands on in the days' activities. Theres no disco /clubs out there, just peace and quiet and open spaces a plenty!! Relaxing!!! Your smile reflecting off the campfire glow would be something very, special.

I can show you some amazing star lit skies and leave you with lifelong memories. If you like long drives, sitting around the camp fire, cooking, enjoying a wine and counting stars please contact me. My travel mate will want to go again and again (as I do) as it's very infectious and a real escape. It's a good gig.

SMS ONLY PLEASE till we talk or meet.
Cheers Bill

EMAIL : cruiseroffrd@gmail.com

PHONE : 0417566629

Posted By Bill on Wednesday 26th April 2017 @ 23:58:02


Sorry I didn't read post propderly I do do short trips too. I'm a 51yr male NOT looking for more than travel companion, also need to get away rediscover myself and find peace. Not planning next big trip till next yr but plan on short trips till then.next trip is lake menindie NSW
Shane Clare Valley

EMAIL : shanelee@gmail.com

PHONE : 0438470911

Posted By Shane on Friday 17th March 2017 @ 20:04:39


Travel from Adelaide to central AUS explore around Alice then gunbarrel highway to east coast head up to Kimberly to Darwin to gulf Carpentaria to cape York then down inland and coastal route back to Adelaide or Tassie and exploring all over along the way,have ALL camping gear and older but reliable 4X4 with many extas. Mostly want some company and share fuel expenses

EMAIL : shanelee@gmail.com

PHONE : 0438470911

Posted By Shane on Friday 17th March 2017 @ 19:53:45


Good Morning Roni, How are you, my name is Pat 71 years young guy and from Gympie QLD., I have an 18 ft. 6 van, very spacious, all set up for free camping, sola gas, my tow vehicle is a Ford F100, well maintained, my plan is to travel South some time mid to late June, I intend to stop at Coffs. ,first to see my Daughter, then carry on from there, hope to eventualy get Perth, I would like to do some short trips first, to see how nit travels and whats needed whats not, AND WOULD LOVE SOME FEMALE COMPANY, TO SHARE EXPERIENCES WITH, SO IF INTERESTED DROP ME A LINE OR GIVE ME A CALL THANKS CHEERS Pat.

EMAIL : patcrick45@gmail.com

PHONE : 0403211789

Posted By Pat on Tuesday 14th March 2017 @ 09:52:39


Hi Roni, Im Jeanne from Germay. Currently living in Melbourne and I'd love to get away on short trips to. If you want to join me please contact me.

Cheers, Jeanne

EMAIL : jeanne.leroy@gmx.de

Posted By Jeanne on Sunday 5th March 2017 @ 21:12:14


Hi Roni, I'm a single guy, retired from the workforce and love travelling in my caravan. I'm based on the Central Coast NSW. I'm looking for a travel companion. I'm living in the van full time at the moment and would be willing to discuss destinations and available dates with you. Short trips would fit in well with my commitments on the Central Coast and some commitments in western Sydney. I usually head north during the winter but I am open to discussion with you. I have an off road van which is set up with solar, gas and extra water tanks. I do a lot of free camping and love to be at one with nature. I prefer a secluded quiet camping places away from crowds. I like to relax and live a stress free life. I have an easygoing friendly nature. I enjoy being on my own or in the company of others. I would love to hear from you . Tom

EMAIL : gra_h@y7mail.com

Posted By Tom on Wednesday 1st March 2017 @ 08:49:08


Hi Roni
I am very easygoing, originally from Finland,

arrived in 1959. I'd like to travel around Australia, started to travel,

decided I would prefer to travel with a female friend with similar

interest and share expenses, and then I needed a base, so ended up

purchasing here, in Birchip Vic.

I need someone (if you're into stars) compatible with Libra. I know there

are ladies that would like to travel around Australia at an easy pace, I am

rigged up for free camping, have a Ford Ranger 2015 and a 20 ft caravan with

amenities in the caravan.

EMAIL : pera601949@hotmail.com

PHONE : 0354922314

Posted By Peter on Thursday 23rd February 2017 @ 21:07:56


Hi there Roni Im John and i love to get away on short trips to. If youd like to contact me if your interested in planning a little adventure Trip. I have a really well set up 4x4 with all the camping gear Etc. I live in Penrith NSW. Would be nice to hear from you.
Cheers John

EMAIL : onespeedptyltd@bigpond.com

PHONE : 0419242594

Posted By John1966 on Wednesday 15th February 2017 @ 11:44:05


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