April - Sydney to Sunshine Coast

Hello everyone. I'm a 26 yo female from Hong Kong/Australia. I am thinking about a trip from Sydney to Sunshine Coast with a camper van. (Sadly I dont have a driving license, but I can try do something about it) Dates are flexible. I am also interested in surfing/diving. If the camper van idea doesn't work, I may just greyhound or go by plane. Shoot me a message if you have similar ideas/routes. Ta!

Posted By scyyyy on Tuesday 19th February 2019 @ 19:01:15

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Hi there, I'm going to be in Brisbane to start my trip in Australia from August 6th for a month in Australia. I really like to rent a car or any kind of vehicles to do a road trip. My time is very flexible and I would like to do some Scuba diving and surfing along the nice coast area. Please let me know if you want to take a road trip together to share the cost. Cheers

EMAIL : bbbmail@yahoo.com

Posted By Odyssee on Monday 29th July 2019 @ 12:07:59



I’m 19 from England any my boyfriend is going home at the beginning of May so I’m trying to meet more people. I’m in a van on my own and would love to meet anyone about my age going upwards from Sydney !! Give me a text if you’re doing the same sort of thing :)


PHONE : 0422834282

Posted By Alice on Thursday 18th April 2019 @ 23:23:52


Heyyy... I am planning a last minute trip to Aus starting in Sydney 18tb April then heading up the east coast to cains j till 8th May. Planning on the usual touristy stuff, Sydney , blue mountains, Byron bay/ Brisbane, Fraser Island, Reef bit
Looking at internal flights to alleviate travel time!

Any one about.

30yr old female from UK

Posted By Mandysunseeker on Tuesday 26th March 2019 @ 20:16:20


Hey Sophia! Do you want to maybe send me a message on whatsapp or on my phone: +61 421148161 so we could discuss some details or sometime to meet up and chat?

Would love to organize something! Are you currently in Sydney?

Posted By Sophie on Monday 18th March 2019 @ 11:20:13


Hi, I'd also like to find a small group of people to travel along the east coast with.
I'm a German/Australian 19 year old female. I'm pretty flexible time and location wise right now. So if you're still up for it, I'd love to meet you/ find out more! :)

Posted By Sophia on Monday 18th March 2019 @ 10:37:34


Hey to both of you!

I was also looking for sometime to travel along the east coast with. I do have a drivers license and I would be happy to drive if we all rented a camper van together? Let me know if you guys have already made plans some where else or if you're still open to the idea!

I'm a 20 year old from Germany, although I grew up abroad. I would love to meet you guys, and hopefully have an amazing trip!


Posted By Sophie on Thursday 7th March 2019 @ 16:46:09


Like you, I'm looking for companions to do the most beautiful road trip in the world!

The idea would be to do the whole east coast on a road trip with a van starting with Cairns and ending with Sydney.

I would like to leave from 27 April to 20 May.... Would you be interested in doing this wonderful road trip with me?

(If you have to move from the east coast, air tickets are very cheap between Brisbane/Sydney/Cairns)

I took care to organize our road trip well to enjoy all the wonders of the East Coast as much as possible!

I am very easy to live I love to live new adventures and I want to make an unforgettable road trip! We can make sure to visit and enjoy all the incredible places on this heavenly coast!

Thank you and see you soon my friend!

Posted By Hugo on Thursday 21st February 2019 @ 20:58:37

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