Around Australia Adventure starting July

I am planning to head off in July from Sydney in my old campervan - most likely heading west to start with.

I will be in no rush and have allowed 12 months for the trip. So if you interested in possibly connecting up - could just be for a short period, then send me an email. Can meet up for a drink or via FB to see if at all compatible.

I retire end May but am fit and healthy and still surf and indoor/outdoor climb so be great to do some outdoor stuff as well.

Also I am a muso and am working on an act where I can do a few gigs here and there - so if you sing that could be good too.

Anyway - if at all interested, drop me a line. I won't take offence if we talk and you then change your mind. Am looking to share expenses where possible, but wouldn't include care repairs in this, but petrol and if we share some food.

cheers Neil


Posted By RoundAus on 19th March 2020

Updated : 23rd August 2020 | Words : 176 | Views : 755 | Comments : 3

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Hi there, I am a bit late, owing to just finding this site today. ave you set out on your trip already?
0412 915 268

PHONE : 0412915268

Posted By Betty on Sunday 23rd August 2020 @ 10:52:07


Hi, have been interested in do a trip around Oz also. I live in Qld, Sunshine Coast.

I have a caravan. Email if interested for a travel companion with seperate vans.


Posted By Joe on Monday 13th April 2020 @ 14:16:39


I thought I could edit later and a photo but I can't. Happy to send tho if you want
cheers Neil


PHONE : 0400027173

Posted By Neil on Thursday 19th March 2020 @ 21:06:45


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