Aussie 2017 Adventure - Starting in Perth (Archived)


Cold Shower?


My name is Kish, I'm 26 from Manchester, England. Yeah that's me doing the ice-bucket challange.

I have currently planned to fly and arrive in Perth WA on 26th January 17 and am planning my adventure around Australia. I have currently planned to route through Perth, Uluru, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania.

Still doing my research as to what to see as this adventure is mahusive indeed:)! I am flexible on my route as well.

Would be awesome to meet travellers who are planning to do the same? Travel Buddy Anyone:)?

There's a few things to tick off my bucketlist, and ofcourse skydiving is within the scenario woohoo.

I am easy going and love to meet new people and experience new adventures.

I am on a working holiday visa so I will be looking to find some work to fund the trip as well.




Posted By Kish90 on 9th January 2017

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Hey mate!please check out Fremantle which is only 25 minute train ride from Perth but SOOOOOO much Better than living in the city. It's a backpacker city, great for finding work, it's right next to the beaches, great night life. The Old Firestation backpackers is a buzzing hostel, and a great place to meet people. They can help organise tours, get you great discounts and it's a great starting point to settle in to the Australian life! Beach, beer and bbqs!!!

Posted By Leanne on Friday 13th January 2017 @ 20:03:25

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