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Greetings, earthlings of Australia! I'm a 22 yo dude from Colorado looking to have an adventure. I'm hoping to fly into Melbourne or perhaps Sydney on the 29th of October. Not sure the exact date as I'm flying stand by.

If I land in Melbourne my objective is to try out a couple vegan restaurants, after I rent a car. Hit the grocery store and stock up food for a road trip. First on my list is Lerderderg and then the great Otway national park. After that I'll probably cruise up to Melbourne and vist the various national parks between there and Sydney. My idea is go primitive camping in all those areas and sleep in my car when necesicary. Sydney is my final destination on either the 11th or at the latest the 12th.

All ideas are subject change when applicable. If anyone could accompany me and/or give me a better itinerary I would most likely accept. I am looking for fellow free spirits to hang out with for as long as they wish. Email me at or find me on Facebook by searching John Maitzen. Any comments would be of much help!

Posted By JohnnyTsunami on 23rd October 2017

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I am 18 yo Canadian and have a one-way ticket to Australia, starting in tropical brisbane's gold coast, I'll be "primitive" camping in a one-man tent everywhere I go and will travel from brisbane ALL THE WAY AROUND AUSTRALIA past sydney, melbourne, Tasmania, perth and up to cairns and back. I'm doing the entire australian coast in under a year and need some camping bros.

Posted By Tristan Miller on Wednesday 25th October 2017 @ 00:58:48


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