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Hi there, 

I am a 37 year old male and i need to drive from brisbane to adelaide to relocate a car for work purposes. 

Am looking for 2 or 3 female passengers to laugh and see the sites, travelling over about 7-10days. 

Leaving on the 25th or 26th Of October. 

Fuel expenses are covered as it is a business expense, although i would take payment via some dinners being bought for me or something. 

This is a genuine offer for an adventure. 

Have recommended a group, however may look at one passenger if its the right fit. 

Short notice i know, but lets see if any one is up to be spontaneous. 

Would prefer back packers, people that will appreciate the country and see the sites etc. 


Posted By Dazza1313 on 23rd October 2019

Updated : 23rd October 2019 | Words : 129 | Views : 273

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