Coastline Road trip from Adelaide to Great Ocean Road in late June/early July (Archived)


G'day all I'm a 21 y/o boy from Hong Kong and currently studying uni in Adelaide. I'm planning on a road trip in late June or early July (Depends on my exam timetable) from Adelaide to Great Ocean Road along the coastline or even heading to Mt. Buller in VIC for some snowy sights and return to Adelaide(I'm pretty flexible on the attractions plan) , might gonna spend a week or two for the trip. It's a solo trip planning for me at the moment since none of my mates were interested in a road trip:(That's why I'm currently looking for a similar aged easygoing travel companion who's willing to split some of the travel cost such as fuel for my car since I'm kinda tight on budget...But on top of all, I wish we could take some pics n vids to seize the moment to share and enjoy some of the most magnificent views in Aussie and create some memorable time in life. Not decided to do camping or simply airbnb yet since all i got is a regular cheap sedan which is not quite possible to convert it to a campervan but renting one is an option. If you are interested to the plan, please feel free to leave a comment below!   


Cheers, Onyx T. =D      

Posted By onyxt on 15th April 2019

Updated : 22nd April 2019 | Words : 217 | Views : 430

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