Companion for 4x4 camping travel around Australia

Hi, appears site has been updated and my previous message has been archived, contact info removed and locked so time for an update. 

Looking for a travel companion for 4x4 camping lifestyle around Australia. I'm 65, fit and healthy enjoy photography, fishing, 4x4, isolated camping in both bush and coastal, have 26 years offroad / camping experience. Must be comfortable with bush style camping. Can be for short or long duration, share my rig (would need to get on very well and female) and expenses or travel with your own setup (would have to be offroad capable) covering your own expenses, open to discuss any options.

Covid 19 has certinally been a damper on travel and hopefully there's light at the end of a dark tunnel which should allow travel around Australia again sometime next year so starting to make plans. I'm currently based in a Central Queensland coastal town.

Send an e-mail if you would like to enter into any disussions :-

Regards Yak


Posted By Yak on 27th September 2020

Updated : 27th September 2020 | Words : 167 | Views : 138

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