craveing adventure!

My son and i

hello there! i am 23 yrs old single mother from QLD in the whitsundays region. i would love to travel throughout austrailia to anywere!

My son and i are easy going happy people who are always up for fun!

i have a 6 year old son, so people with children and who can handle having a child to work around would be prefferd. Someone experianced is also prefferd who has acsess to a van,buss whatever of some kind so we are not tenting it everynight.

Now here comes the tricky part and the reason i can not achive this adventure without someone else:

i am visually impaaired so i am unable to drive unfortentlly, and do certin things due to my visual abilities so i am also looking for someone who can help out myself and my son when nessercery. i have some vision and have been like this for over 10 years so i can care for myself and my son without an issue, just things such as maps, cliffs, tent setttiing up, reading of small print, etc.... we can arange a way to compensate you for helping us such as money or ill watch the kids while you go out, i can cook etc.....

I will help pay for costs and am not fussy about were we travel or for how long the trip will be. Aslong as you let me know so  i have the right equiptment for were we are going. i am open for adventure and really hope to find someone in a position to go on an adventure with us or that we can tag along on with you!


Posted By GypsyLife on 22nd June 2017

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if you still looking for someone to share a AU advanture ride, please let us know and call - thanks!


PHONE : 0414512245

Posted By Frank-Alla-Rafael on Tuesday 25th July 2017 @ 16:12:30



I am sailing up the coast of Queensland , currently on the Gold Coast and heading for the Whitsundays in the next few days 

If you are interested in cruising on 50 ft Ketch , then would love to hear from you 

No experience needed



PHONE : 0402040927

Posted By Ryder on Tuesday 11th July 2017 @ 14:52:13


G'day 'CRAVING ADVENTURE' I will answer to most names but mostly TERENCE ( that's what my MUM & DAD Christened me ) I have done several laps around this beautiful country & am planning the next BIG ONE. I wish to /visit most NATIONAL PARKS including Marine Parks , historical sites, aboriginal art sites, whale sharks .. Many , many wonderful places including ALICE SPRINGS & several soothing hot springs .. I will be in a new caravan (build not yet complete) It is built for a family . No internal shower or loo . They are outside but there is a special area just for your son. Now, I'm no spring chicken but I know Australia * I will not be in a hurry ,I'm planning on 90 to 120 days - Tasmania is a maybe at this stage (spent some time there ) NO NOT INSIDE ! Yep ! If you like what I've written & you would like to visit the places listed plus whatever you want added to it then contact me & we can discuss it & plan together.

Looking forward to your reply.


Posted By TERENCE *** on Friday 30th June 2017 @ 17:13:06


Hello my name is Kye I am a 39 year old male looking to do some extended travel throughout Australia. it would be lovely to have someone on board but also to help plan the trip., Please feel free to message me if you would like to chat more.

PHONE : 0458980035

Posted By Kye on Thursday 22nd June 2017 @ 11:28:25


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