Gold prospecting Victoria high country and golden triangle


Howdy all, I'm planning some short trips through the Victorian High Country and Golden Triangle if anyone is interested!  

 Great time to see Vic high country too.. 

Posted By WAorBust on 20th October 2020

Updated : 5th November 2020 | Words : 27 | Views : 175 | Comments : 5

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Guess who escaped! Two nights of river and bush mm mmm 

Posted By Waorbust on Thursday 5th November 2020 @ 09:50:44


Also bloke, I'm heading out this week for a few nights... Find a river and test out this Garrett ATX... Wednesday??

Posted By Wayne on Sunday 1st November 2020 @ 14:20:15


David, what knowledge do you have with the Garrett ATX detectors? Brought a secondhand one and I'm not sure if it's me or the detector and it would be great to have someone that knows them have a look for me... either the gold I have is fake or the units not working ;) cheers

Posted By Wayne on Sunday 1st November 2020 @ 13:35:56


Oh yes, good to know! I'm just doing sort trips at the moment, 3 to 4 days.
Went to leave last week on one, aaaand one thing led to another- and it all went south... plus the weather was a bit brisk ;)

So what's your story, are you set up with the gear you need? Or are you looking to be chauffeured about? Do you have a 4b? I'm cool either way, no sense wasting fuel eh we could meet at a base and go from there..
Pick a river my man, lets goooo!

Detectors,pans,rivers? what's your preference?

I'm thinking to leave the camper at a base, then shoot off in the 4b with swags/tents?

There is another bloke on here that's keen also, he sounds set up and knows his gold :) So I'll reach out to him also.

I've still got one peace of gear to get and that's the GPS tracker!

Sounded like a good idea to grabb one. How's your orienteering skills? Can you read a map?
Just thinking if you or I drop your GPS! You'll need maps and compass skills to bloke..
Be interesting to hear from you, when are you thinking of booting out?

I'm good to go now for a short one! Just found and organised storage on the Princes hwy- moe'ish area, for the camper.. only a mater of meeting there and heading out..

For this one coming up I was just going out with the 4b and swag, just to get the feel For the area and look for places to set up the camper in the future.. it's all new to me bloke so small steps for me..

What's your experience?



Posted By Wayne on Friday 30th October 2020 @ 16:06:32


Hi I am a 64 year old male and am into gold prospecting and take trips through the Golden Triangle and would like to try out prospecting in the Victorian High Country. I live in Gippsland and do some detecting in the hills.

Posted By David on Friday 30th October 2020 @ 07:43:56


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