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Hi, My name is Steve and i am 50  i;m looking for a cool lady to travel with,laugh with.I have a transit van that i am getting ready to travel in.I am in Victoria at present.Looking to go anywhere and everywhere,,,,,like to play guitar and sometime busking,,,,,Anyhow drop me an email tell me about yourself....never done an add like this before putting it out to the universe.......23clothier@gmail.com

Posted By transit23 on 26th January 2021

Updated : 20th May 2021 | Words : 67 | Views : 440 | Comments : 2

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Hello. You sound adventurous, and spontaneous. I have no idea how to use this page. Hopefully you’ll know how to contact me. . . I’d like some more info about your plans.

Posted By Tam on Thursday 20th May 2021 @ 12:25:35


Hi Steve, when and where are you planning to go to? Seeing your post is from January not sure if you are off on your adventure yet?

Posted By Sharon on Thursday 18th March 2021 @ 03:24:17


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