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I'm a 54 year old straight woman. I was with one man for 25 years. I have full time employment and want to enjoy weekends and would like a travel partner . I am looking for a man to go camping on the beach, exploring all that South Australia has to offer us and enjoy life. I have read many adds here from men who demand sharing costs, rego and fuel arrangments. There's no way a self respecting woman hand over money when we know we are great company. Where are all the gentlemen that want a nice travel partner without making her pay financially or sexually ? I have an offroad lightweight camper trailer on offer and want a real man who is not expecting to share 50 percent of costs or sexual favours. I'd rather go on my own. I'm not a free loader and pull my weight. I cook great meals and am fun, fantastic company. I'm a professional educated person who likes a gentleman who is offering his time and company and wants the same. If you are interested please send me a message with your name and contact details. I will call you to discuss.


I am looking for:

Healthy man to explore weekends aged between 48-63

No smoker, non gambler and light drinker

Has time to travel on weekends

Has a positive outlook and sees the beauty in nature even when it's having a bad day

Passport and willing to travel

A Gentleman who sees women as equals , I appreciate men who respect women

Posted By AreWeThereYet on Thursday 13th February 2020 @ 20:20:03

Updated : Sunday 1st March 2020 @ 10:57:16 | Words : 262 | Views : 327 | Comments : 4


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Hi going to Perth June 6 months going north 4x4 camping Denali travel busy wtd I’m 66 male straight don’t shock easily


PHONE : 07710012121

Posted By Bob vasey on Sunday 1st March 2020 @ 01:11:05


Looking for an travel companion to share experiences of caravan cruising around Far North Queensland and the Gulf, in preparation for further afield ventures. Great Beaches, amazing real rain forest, pleasant country pubs for luxury lunches (unless you are a good cook which would be most welcome) and just get back to nature and relax for a while. Nice large van and SUV and will of course be travelling with my dog. Totally flexible and would prefer to live an itinerary than sit around for months planning it. Send me a text 0419723344 if you would like to find out more.


PHONE : 0419723344

Posted By David on Saturday 29th February 2020 @ 22:25:14


Hi my name is Dave it would be nice to find someone honest, looking forward to enjoying weekends etc. away. I'm into camping even off grid from time to time, not a money gruber but it would be nice to find someone who enjoys helping with the mundane chores, (maybe catch the odd fish) haha, anyway drop a message if you might be interested, cheers Dave

Posted By Dave on Thursday 20th February 2020 @ 18:46:08


I hope you find someone, however I’m very surprised that you are not willing to share the costs equally.
Sexual favours are most likely expected when the costs are not shared.

Just being a realist and not trying to be nasty.

You may have a better chance at meeting a decent man when you start your journey 😊

Good luck & happy camping

Posted By Greetje on Monday 17th February 2020 @ 15:19:11

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