Perth - Birdsville - Perth (Aug/Sep 2020)


Hi fellow travelers. I am planning a road trip from Perth though to Birdsville and Innamincka, stopping at the Gawler Ranges in SA along the way. I am also planning to spend a few days at Arkaroola in the Flinders Ranges after Birdsville and then I will make my way down to Adelaide for a few more days before returning to Perth. I may even go through to Boulia from Birdsville but that is only a couple of days either way. 

I plan to leave Perth in early August 2020. The trip will take around 5 weeks, so i will return to Perth mid September. I will be staying in on-site accommodation along the way or spending the night in my swag from time to time. 

I am looking for a female or male travel buddy to join me for part or all of the trip. You would need to be able to share the driving and pay your own way. My vehicle is an automatic 4WD Colorado crew cab ute (MY 2018) with a canopy (plenty of storage space). I am a 64 year old retired male, quite sensible but pretty relaxed. I dont smoke (and neither should you - this is a show stopper) and i am only a light drinker. Because i am retired the itinerary is quite flexible and othe rstops could be included as time allows.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in joining me on this little adventure. 

Posted By lexgraefe on 12th March 2020

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No problem, thanks for your reply. Have a great trip!

Posted By Ziggy on Sunday 26th April 2020 @ 17:45:39


Hi Ziggy, I have pretty much lined up a travel mate for this trip. So unless the timing end up changing (which it still may I guess) then I think I am right for now. Lex

Posted By Lex on Sunday 26th April 2020 @ 16:20:04


Hi Lex, I'd be very keen to discuss your plans if you haven't found a travel mate yet. I have a love of the outback but somehow haven't made it to Birdsville, lack of willing participant I think. Am comfortable driving distances having spent time in NT & WA, I'm currently in Melbourne. Timing is flexible for me as current circumstances may force an early retirement, at which time I'd like to follow the sun for a bit. I'm 63, self sufficient & laugh easily.
Will wait to hear back , cheers, Ziggy

Posted By Ziggy on Sunday 26th April 2020 @ 13:09:02


Hi Sharna, just letting you know i got your messages. I dont know how this works either but you can message me directly if you like. Then I can address your questions. Lex


Posted By lexgraefe on Saturday 14th March 2020 @ 23:57:34


Hi again, I'm not sure if i sent or you received my initial message today. This is the first time using this forum and it is a bit confusing. Could you let me know if you did?


PHONE : 0438432647

Posted By Sharna on Saturday 14th March 2020 @ 17:58:04


Hi, I read your ad with interest. I am keen to travel. Just purchased a campervan which is not yet fitted out. I love driving AND company. I would be happy to share driving and expenses with you in your vehicle if you prefer. I am an independent woman, retired. Own my own 45 acre property in Qld. I'm pretty laid back, relaxed and happy. Will your trip just be for a couple of weeks or are you flexible? I would like to know more of your plans.


Posted By Sharna on Saturday 14th March 2020 @ 17:04:02


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