Planning on hitchhiking the east coast

hey, I'm a 20 year old English male & I've just spent The past 2 months in SE Asia but now ive arrived in Sydney, I plan on doing the east coast from Sydney up to cairns by hitchhiking. I've hitchhiked through some of Europe in the past & it's always been an adventure. It won't be as easy and luxurious as the greyhound, 5£3 greyhound would Be awesome but I just feel it's  too easy to Me, I like a challenge & this is it, but it will definitely make a crazy story to tell around a fire (& its Free), I'm sure we'll get lost a few times & all kinds of devastating events will happen like all great adventures but as long as we don't get kidnapped/killed & we've still got our passports after, we're all good haha :) - I plan on not spending a penny on accommodation, I've got a hammock with a mosquito net but I'm thinking a tent may be better for this, It's all a bit unplanned at the moment but an unplanned adventure is always the best in my opinion 😉  if you want to see some of my adventures check My YouTube channel by searching "Ally Law" or check my Instagram @MrAllyLaw & Hopefully somebody's up for coming on this unplanned (but defo gonna Be awesome) adventure!!

take careee 😄

Posted By Allylaw on Wednesday 15th March 2017 @ 20:27:30

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