Roadtrip from perth to exmouth / darwin (Archived)


Hello everybody,

I'm Zoë and I am 22 and currently backpacking Australia. I would really love to do a 2-3 week roadtrip up north from perth, and visiting all the cool places on the way.  I unfortunatly do not have a drivers license, so I am looping tot a travelbuddy who can drive, and we can then split the cost of petrol and of you  dont have a car,  rental of the car. I would love to leave somewere in the beginning of June of possible.

Let me know of you have any interest.

Gr. Zoë

Posted By Zeawbarel on 27th May 2019

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Hey i am looking for a travel buddy to, I'm planning to road trip on the 8th of Nov for 14-18 days up to the national park 7 hours past Exmouth and back.

Posted By Heather on Thursday 10th October 2019 @ 01:41:52


Hi Zoe . I’m a young Australian who’s heading on a road trip on the 8th of July . So far my plans are to head north to outback Queensland. I have a car and heaps of camping gear . My plans are flexible but just wanting to explore and visit awesome places along the way . If your keen on joining for some of it let me know .

Posted By Isaac on Sunday 23rd June 2019 @ 20:59:04


Hi Zoe
I'm leaving pert heading to Broome stopping in at a few towns on the way....
I have a 4wd and camping gear...
Looking to share my adventure with someone...
Split fuel and food costs....



Posted By Dan Hawkins on Friday 7th June 2019 @ 21:48:23


Hi Zoe,
I'm marie (20) and would like to do a small road trip around perth starting on 10.06. i am going to leave on 23.06... I don't have a car, so I wanted to rent one.
If you are interested, we could meet during the next few days... Where are you staying at the moment?
Cheers, Marie

Posted By Marie on Wednesday 5th June 2019 @ 02:05:01


Hi Zoë and Sean,

Ive just arrived in Perth and also looking for people who want to go up for a roadtrip until Exmouth. If you are interested in another travelbuddy, I would love to come along and share the costs. I am a 26 year old backpacker from the Netherlands.

Would like to hear from you!

Posted By Sanne on Sunday 2nd June 2019 @ 13:49:35


Hey sean, ive been looking aswell but havent had any luck yet, so I am very excited for your responce. I have no problem sharing costs aswell. If you could mail me privatly we could meet up and stuff. X


Posted By Zeawbarel on Friday 31st May 2019 @ 13:20:03


Hey Zoë. Ive been down in Australia for a month now and I'm looking for a traveling buddy to do this sort of trip I'm a 24 year old backpacker from Germany. I have a license but sadly haven't found a car to buy yet. If you would like to split car rental and fuel cost I'd be very interested in doing this. I dont even care were we drive or end up I just want to get round and see Australia :D

Posted By Sean on Friday 31st May 2019 @ 00:53:58


Hi my Darren I am kunnunrra to soon get time no issue for but a co driver and help with fuel ease fuel pain no the road well and most towns have lived in over the years can help are different towns if U interested contact me we sort i

Posted By Darren Muir on Wednesday 29th May 2019 @ 12:15:56


Hi Zoe. I am going up north about that time to Carnarvon Exmouth etc in my 4x4 camper. Have one seat & flexible with schedule as am retired. As I am already going there will not be fuel Or vehicle cost. Let me know if interested to discuss further. Best regards

Posted By Ron on Tuesday 28th May 2019 @ 18:44:42

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