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"Roadtrips Across Australia"...


I'm an Outback Aussie Style of Bloke looking to get into the next Journey of my life, but looking to possibly share it long term with a very special Lady... is that you? or do you know someone who would like it?

My Intentions now are to Travel Across Australia Camping & Filming Old School Retro Style Roadtrips Across Australia... with A Man, His Ute & His Dog Productions P/l - presented by "The Journeyan"

I own a very Unique looking Retro 1979 F100 4x4 & Matching Tub Trailer & this is my USP for this series as well as each Roadtrip is completely Crossing the Country from shoreline to shoreline - my target market is the US & I have planned many aspects of this Concept for quite a few years now!

If YOU could see yourself possibly joinging me on the Road & helping bring this Concept to Fruition & maybe creating a special Bond between us along the way - then we could continue doing this for quite awhile...

(This is not an RV 5 Star travel show - this is roughing it - Swags, Campfire Cookups, Dogs, 4x4 Offroad Touring & Cattle Station Cooking etc to help keep us afloat... I have some interest from Business Partners & Investors - but nothing completed yet... that will come.

I really want to meet this Special Lady with a fantastic Spirited & Adventurous Nature who loves Camping... & is up for an adventurous stage of her life... Im almost 55 going on 45 lol love a beer at Outback Pubs & Camps, love the solitude of being on the road on our own & I enjoy cooking up a storm...

You will instantly know wether you would love or hate this lifestyle & you'll either have passion for it or not... 

The Camping is Oldstyle & back to basics as thats what I mostly enjoy & believe many many people want to get back to basics with their lives & as such I think this concept could be a real winner..

You will need to be reasonably fit & energetic as some days will be long & hard & can be trying in certain aspects but mostly a real adventurous spirit is needed & not afraid of being out on the road...

Like a natural spontaneous woman who is comfortable with herself & wants to come on a Journey with me... 

Life is to life & being out of your comfort zone which you will be with me on the road then you're living a real life...

If you interested, please contact me & lets have a chat...

Look forward to meeting you!!



EMAIL : paulhendriks007@gmail.com

PHONE : 0416047813

Posted By TheJourneyman on 18th April 2018

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Hi Paul... I'm sorry but my circumstances have changed and i will be unable to join u.
Cheers Sam

Posted By Sam on Thursday 8th November 2018 @ 17:07:32


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the contact... have you a Mobile to txt/talk & are you on FB or so we can link up...


EMAIL : paulhendriks007@gmail.com

PHONE : 0416047813

Posted By Paul Hendriks on Thursday 8th November 2018 @ 12:25:18


Hi Paul... I'm 49 going on 35 have a medium size well trained dog and would love to travel for the rest of my life... if possible lol... hope to hear from u

Posted By Sam on Saturday 3rd November 2018 @ 10:44:58


Hi! Yes you could contact me to this number but only what's app 00393663063326 or email federicabravo80@gmail.com...and you can write me or send me your contact too! Thanks

Posted By Federica on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 @ 11:25:20


Hi Federica - I am also on Whatapp on my phone so you can now ll me direct - 0416 047 813.. Cheers Paul 

EMAIL : paulhendriks007@gmail.com

PHONE : 0416047813

Posted By TheJourneyman on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 @ 11:12:44


Hi Federica, Thankyou for your reply - Have you a method of contact? Mobile Number, or email etc?

I would like to chat with you... Cheers Paul

EMAIL : paulhendriks007@gmail.com

PHONE : 0416047813

Posted By TheJourneyman on Tuesday 1st May 2018 @ 19:27:13


Hello! my name is Federica I am Italian and I have 38 years. I am just arrived in Australia, invited to a friend to live at his House and to work with him but after a few days I was driven out of the House because of its new girlfriend that I didn't know existed. ahahah ... so my plans are changed, is a funny story . Now I want to travel to Australia but my budget is limited and i'd like to share the journey with someone. I love traveling alone but here is too expensive for me and I can't rent a car alone and I think travel on the road is the best opportunities for travel in Australia. I am a painter, and I am not a photographer but I love the art images and the documental. I don't know if you already started your trip and what is your itinerary ... I am now in Byron Bay. I'd like to talk to you and see if it is possible share the journey.I also love stay in company for sure. My English is not perfect, I am a good cooker and redy for new adventures. I come from almost two years traveling and living for the Central and South America. Before get here in Australia I was living in Mexico. For now via phone I am accessible only on wats app to the number that you have sent! thanks I would be hapoy if I you answered me both, if it is possible or no. Thanks see you soon.

Posted By Federica on Tuesday 1st May 2018 @ 14:44:15


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