Travel buddies welcome

Hi, I am a 31 year old female from the U.K. looking at travelling around Australia for 2/3 months from November 2020 providing travel is open, I have nothing planned yet but wondered if there were any other single travelers that were looking to go at the same time?

Posted By Laure on 7th June 2020

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How are you Laure. How you are finding it down under? I have few months off and happy to show you around Victoria, SA & NSW. Please inbox and we can take it from there.

Posted By Karan on Sunday 27th December 2020 @ 13:04:22


I’m leaving Victoria Monday travelling to Perth will be crossing nsw qld nt into Wa

Posted By Gogo on Thursday 10th December 2020 @ 21:30:33


Hey I’m leaving uk to go Australia soon as borders open... just trying too get some things set up before then, looking for a travel buddy too :)
Uk to Australia seems long ....

Posted By Jake on Wednesday 18th November 2020 @ 11:18:54


I've got a seat for you! Can you drive? Do you have a working visa? Clear a police check? Any medical knowledge or certs?? Med certs will earn you $ for just sitting there! 
No fuel costs, you'll need a swag, food and occasional caravan park fees, good health, great attitude and able to work with others.. if you have med certs your accommodation is covered and I can look into getting you some pocket money every week, or daily! 
Want to see Australia and run your travel blogs etc? Can you deal and manage with other travelers in 4x4 vehicals? What's your people skills like? Better than mine I hope;)
Do you mind getting dirty, hot, wet and cold in your planned adventure or are "we" looking for the "silver spoons in mouths" kind of trip to Australia? 
Planned trip, Vic high country to N.S.W high country "absolutely amazing lands" to N.S.W coast to QLD to Darwin "maybe asia" then down to Perth through the Kimberleys etc 
Sooo, silver spoon or the real Australia?

Posted By Waorbust on Friday 9th October 2020 @ 10:35:11


Hey there, just saw your post. If you're in WA around the middle of October and would like to travel up to Broome and would like to travel with me, please let me know, my name is Todd.
Phone number 0458092794


PHONE : 0458092794

Posted By Todd on Saturday 19th September 2020 @ 18:35:41


yeah mate im in,

PHONE : 0402616533

Posted By Colby on Monday 3rd August 2020 @ 15:10:02


I’m keen to do a bit of traveling also

Posted By Jai on Thursday 23rd July 2020 @ 19:09:00


Hey Laure,
Happy to show you around Sydney!

Posted By Andrew W on Monday 6th July 2020 @ 18:21:42


Hi Laure, if you are wanting to see the east coast then drop me a line. I live just south of Sydney and do caravan adventures with backpackers regularly and happy to fit in with your plans.
Regards Ian.
Whatsapp +61403039150
Mobile 0403039150

Posted By Ian on Tuesday 16th June 2020 @ 14:31:23


Happy to show you around Perth if you make it here

Posted By Ps on Friday 12th June 2020 @ 10:28:14


Hi Laure
Yes I hope you make it to Australia ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ and everything is back to normal by November.
I should be in Melbourne in November getting ready to return to Western Australia.
And I would certainly be looking for a travelling companion.
You will be most welcome ๐Ÿ™.
I would be taking probably a month to get to Perth. ( could go via Urulu and the centre.

So keep in touch.
Stay safe and healthy and happy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Posted By Leigh on Sunday 7th June 2020 @ 14:04:18


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