Travel Buddy/ies wantedd MAY Syd/Mel-Cairns and maybe back

I'm doing a month long trip in May to Cairns and back. I leave Melbourne 3/4th and leave Sydney May 7th ish. The Plane is to take time heading up to coast and camp along the way as well as stay at afforadable hostels and so on. Spend a couple days in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron, New Castle. Then spend some time in Cairns. Trip back will be over 6 days. with a Stop in Noosa. No real set schedule. Gonna be cruisy. Come one way or both. Looking to split gas costs and make some memories.

About me:
29 year old Canadian female. I like dancing, vegtables, art, photography, intelligent conversation, high kicks, exploring nature, being weird, lauging at kids falling down (when they dont get hurt), having a few drinks and sharing stories. Pretty easy going. I have already booked a Car. Let me know if you're interested in exploring with me.

My email:

Posted By chelseachernobyl on 22nd March 2017

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Hi chelsea, I would love to join you on your roadtrip. I am in perth at the moment but will be heading to sydney in a couple of weeks and have been hoping to do a road trip up to Cairns, just been trying to find someone to do it with. I'm very flexible with dates and am in no rush just want to explore as much as possible.

I am 19 and from england/belgium and have been on the west coast for 4 months and want to explore as much of the east coast as possible. I am very easy going, sociable and love an adventure. I love books, art, binge watching netflix,dancing, trying new things and even though I'm only 19 I still have a fair few stories to share.

I sadly can't drive but am very willing to split petrol costs. I hope to hear from you, this is my email


Posted By Lexine on Saturday 15th April 2017 @ 18:14:26


Hi Chelsea!
I'm Marika. I'm 27, handbag designer/maker, from NY and am down for a good adventure with someone chill and fun! I'm heading to Sydney next week (arrive April 21st) for 5 weeks and fly out from Melbourne (May 23rd). It's my first time going to AUS and hoping to do/see as much as possible and have fun along the way. I read your "laughing at kids trip" comment (for me it's pretty much anyone though, not just kids) and knew you were my type of travel buddy haha. My schedule is pretty flexible, I'll stay in Sydney for a few days in the beginning and then can move on from there. If you want to join forces on this adventure let me know! Best, M

Posted By Marika on Tuesday 11th April 2017 @ 02:17:35


Hi well im travelling on june 12th i want to go either way around but from Newcastle to darwin uluru coober pedy back to newcastle via Qld or adelaide. For aporox 6 to 8 weeks. In a Troopcarrier I've just set up no expense spared. Will also stay in hotels etc on the way. At my cost just looking for good company. Im a 41 year old fun outgoing adventurous male. Im a good cook enjoy good music. Easy going


PHONE : +61427123811

Posted By Darren on Monday 3rd April 2017 @ 20:32:09


I plan to take a hop on, hop off Greyhound bus along the East coast...Gold Coast to Melbourne...or reverse. I prefer to share a hotel rm, but will stay in all girl rooms hostels.
I am from Canada, so I will fly from Vancouver to Australia. I don't plan to fly anywhere else in Australia, but will if only way to get a travel buddy who wants to do this. I am over 45 but would love to travel with any lady.

Posted By Donna Lee on Monday 27th March 2017 @ 03:33:27


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