Travel companion for 4x4 camping in Australia

Hi, looking for travel companion for 4x4 camping adventures of Australia. Share (split expenses) or tag alone with own rig (own expenses) A bit about myself:- 64 years young, healthy male with 25 yrs camping/4x4 experience. Like isolated camping for photography, either coastal or inland, enjoy it all. Person with photography interest would be good. During my travels I've circumnavigated Aust twice and covered a lot of the inland but in reality only covered a small portion.  Big country when you get out there, will never be able to see it all! Have a well set up 4wd and camper for self sufficient camping, only retricting  component is available water (showers etc) and food carried. If tag along you will need a simiular rig or perhaps a caravan for travel and share my rig for rougher isolated areas? i've been semi retired for 5 years (currently working in Cent.Qld 7on/7off) and will fully retire sometime this year to pursue travelling adventures fulltime. If your scared of the dark, isolated travel, don't know how to look after yourself this is not for you! As I'll be doing this virtuality full time I'm open to any options, maybe tag along for a week or two, a month or more (?) who knows. Happy to discuss anything. Starting direction will depend on seasons at departure time (South if summer, North if winter - most likely south) If inquisitive and want to know more post a comment as1st point of contact. Regards.

Posted By Yak on 27th April 2019

Updated : 8th July 2020 | Words : 248 | Views : 1098 | Comments : 14

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Hello Vgirl, Covid has created havoc with travels, scampered back to Qld just before the border was closed, will have to wait until under control before traveling out of Qld again.
If you want to chat best to contact me via email.


Posted By Yak on Wednesday 8th July 2020 @ 00:25:52


hello there.
Would like to keep track of where you are in the hope that I can catch up with you somewhere, sometime.
I am a 60 yr old female camper from way back, Brisbane area, retired, with my own 4x4 but its not decked out yet.

Hopefully that'll happen by christmas 2020. Have done a bit of beach driving, but always like to challenge myself.

Good fisherwoman if they're on the bite!
Usually need to camp beside water of some kind as I love long as theres no crocs!
Many interesting places to travel to. Off the tourist tracks?? If we share expenses I would not want to stay in caravan parks with 100 other motorhomes....not too often anyway. Maybe for a shower/washing/watch footy game.

Are you stuck anywhere during Covid? Hope all is well in that regard.
Send me a message if you feel inclined to reply. Regards Vgirl

Posted By Vgirl on Tuesday 7th July 2020 @ 21:25:59


Hi. I am Ernie and am looking for someone who would like to travel as a friend and companion around the country of Victoria and Interstate. I am 71yo and have a Vehicle and Caravan. It would be great if I could find someone in the Central Vic around the Bendigo and Echuca areas. I like Camping and Fishing and just having time away with some friends and having a great time around a Camp Fire at night. Cheers from Ernie.

PHONE : 0417138381

Posted By Ernie Vandersluys on Wednesday 26th February 2020 @ 13:19:59


Hi Min, contact me via e-mail, regards


Posted By Yak on Friday 3rd January 2020 @ 22:05:00


Hi my name is MIN
I AM 58 YEARS young born and bred country girl
I am retired
HAVE BEEN looking for a like minded person to travell Aust with

Posted By Min on Friday 3rd January 2020 @ 16:32:11


Hi Phil, I don't run "Tagalong" type tours, just travel by myself and looking for travel companions for either long or short term periods. I'm in CQ area volunteering after the fires, doing fencing, cleaning up etc. so will be a bit delayed getting down into Victorian High Country area. Watching conditions - don"t need fires!!

Posted By Yak on Saturday 7th December 2019 @ 20:14:09


Hi,I am a 70 plus fully mobile male with kitted out sc 4wd interested in tagalong adventures.Home base Far East Vic.Not too fond of
hot humid climates .30 years backpacking experiences and keen 4wd high country pleasure seeker.interested in any coming events you may be planning .Thanks

Posted By Phil on Friday 29th November 2019 @ 16:09:05


Currently in Cooktown catching up with friends. Will be heading down south to be in Snowy Mountains/Victoria High Country area December/January then going to follow Murray River to mouth. E-mail me if you would like to catch up (won't disclose any info on open forum) Yak 😎

Posted By Yak on Saturday 26th October 2019 @ 07:27:26


Hello Mot, contact via e-mail, regards.


Posted By Yak on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 @ 06:36:39


I am interested to to be your travel buddy.

I am in my mid thirties, a woman, a citizen of Australia, and before my long boat of illness I had been living and working in France and Germany in the Art industry pursuing my life's passion.

I am looking travel at the moment so I can heal myself physically. I am adventurous by nature, while also being quiete. I enjoy the simple things in life, and love great food and good company.

If you are interested to know more, please msg me

Posted By mot on Monday 2nd September 2019 @ 21:35:55


Hello Cathy, contact me via email Regards


Posted By Yak on Monday 8th July 2019 @ 10:06:12


Hello I am a matured lady looking for a travelling mate to explore Australia, I will retiring this year.
Hope to hear from you soon.Cathy.

Posted By Cathy on Saturday 6th July 2019 @ 20:21:01


Hi Wendy, will keep that in mind. How long are you travelling for, what areas do you have tagged to visit and is your setup offroad or hi-way capable? Regards

Posted By Yak on Monday 29th April 2019 @ 07:42:09


Hi. Im currently camping and fishing outside mildura and I've been on the road for just over a month now. I'm heading towards broken hill in a few wks and then not sure where to next. Maybe when your ready to leave we could see when I'm at then.

Posted By Wendy13 on Sunday 28th April 2019 @ 14:54:04


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