Travel companion for Australia, No charge fuel or Caravan Parks

7mtr Motorhome

My overseas travel has been cancelled for 2020 and part of 2021, So I thought I would head off around Australia again. 

I have spare double bed in my Motorhome, I can take 2 females( would have to share bed) OR  1 male, there will be no charge for fuel or caravan parks or running expenses. 

We will share food costs.

 Ideally you will speak English (as a second language ok) and hold a drivers license..

You will not smoke or take drugs or be vegan or vegetarian..

i have done these trips before with both Male and female, ages 20 to 54. From China, Argentina,U.K., Germany, & Australia, I will give you contact details of these people as references..

Iam in Perth West Australia and ideally will travel north to tourist spots( Pinnacles,monkey Mia, Ningaloo reef Broome Exmouth)  and also work spots, Lake Argle etc. 

I have NO fixed itinerary, and NO fixed time frame and very flexible.

If overseas travel suddenly becomes available I would leave from the closest airport and possibly leave my Motorhome with you ( as I have done before) or as I have done many times before put it in storage, until I return.

of course you can leave at any time you wish.

This offer could be ideal if you are looking to contribute to your 88days of second year visa.,

If you are in Perth or nearby then we could meet.

This is a genuine offer brought about by the Covite19 virus international travel restrictions..




Posted By TeaTree on 2nd May 2020

Updated : 30th March 2021 | Words : 256 | Views : 1985 | Comments : 20

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I have a manual drivers license, I will never smoke, do drugs, I actually don't even drink and I have good language, I love meat and am happy to provide references : ) since uni is all online I may be able to stick with you longer as it would be a good opportunity to see Australia.

Posted By Heather on Tuesday 30th March 2021 @ 11:18:22


Hi, my names Heather!
So, I planned a return trip 2 years ago from Perth to Brome but had to cancel my plans because my friend had to pull out on me. I am a 33 year old student teacher from Victoria in desperate need of some time away from technology, in the great outdoors : ). I was looking at campervans to hire etc. but still lacked suitable traveling companions, which is when I found your post.

So I am completely flexible with dates, I am a very honest person with good, strong morals and values which is why I liked your post. I am reliable, independent and happy to chip in. I am planning to come over from the beginning of May until the end of July if I can find someone to travel with.

My junk email is or you can contact me on 0416414005 if you are still looking for someone.

Posted By Heather on Tuesday 30th March 2021 @ 11:12:31


Ok I'll try this comments page although I doubt it is right since I cannot name my topic. Im a most boring lady with no vices whatsoever & a disdain for mozzies & heat. Looking to leave Sydney after April 4the looong loop, with emphasis on W.A. coast for fishing. Know v little abt my MH & would welcome any advise as to what spares I should carry with me, what I should watch out for etc....
Thank you all out there

Posted By Pearl on Sunday 28th February 2021 @ 22:49:31


Hi Cheryl
Thanks for contacting me.
Would you please email me,
Thank you


PHONE : 0439435771

Posted By Leigh on Saturday 20th February 2021 @ 22:35:11


Hi Leigh,
I am also an avid traveller whose O.S. plans have been shattered by Covid.

I have no idea where you are presently, but can tell you I am in Port Macquarie, N.S.W. + itching to go again.

I did 6,000 k's in late June in my Impreza. Great 3 week trip out to the Hill via Lightning Ridge + back through Mildura to the coast + up.

I am an easy going woman in her 60s who loves life. I actually retired at 60 + ran away from years of responsibilities to live on a 36ft yacht called Free Spirit in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

Back home now looking for new adventures + someone to share them with.

I will copy this post + email you, just incase it doesn't find you.

Best regards,

Posted By Cheryl on Saturday 20th February 2021 @ 12:06:17


Hi Everyone
I have been in Adelaide for nearly 2 months.
So I am now heading to Byron Bay NSW.

I will leave Adelaide on the 14 or 15. December.
Plan to take 5 days,
Going via Broken Hill Griffith, Orange, Tamworth Grafton Yamba.

Contact me
Cheers Leigh ( TeaTree)


PHONE : 0439435771

Posted By Leigh on Saturday 5th December 2020 @ 17:49:28


Hi everyone I have changed my travel plan 
I now plan to go to Adelaide mid October If you are interested contact me.
cheers Leigh ( TeaTree)


PHONE : 0439435771

Posted By Teatree on Thursday 1st October 2020 @ 20:57:29


Hi Bec
I have sent you an email today.
Ready to go again in mid October, hopefully State borders are open by then.
Cheers Leigh


Posted By Leigh on Friday 18th September 2020 @ 16:18:53


Hey, I missed the boat for your Kununurra trip, but if you're still looking for a buddy for your future travels, I'd be keen. My email is


Posted By Bec on Friday 18th September 2020 @ 03:17:42


I am not sure how to update this post but I am still looking for a  traveling companion to travel from Perth to Kununurra starting late August or early September. 

Posted By Teatree on Sunday 9th August 2020 @ 22:38:23


Hi Leigh,

I've emailed you.


Posted By Sarah on Friday 17th July 2020 @ 23:15:07


Hey Leigh (and fellow travelers),

My names JJ and I’m looking for a travel buddy (or two) to travel with me from Perth to Darwin (or vise versa) over 3-4 weeks between September -October 2020. I’m a 39 year old female living in Sydney. If you’re keen shoot me an email on

Posted By Jj on Saturday 20th June 2020 @ 14:58:45


Hi! I sent an email today!


Posted By Monica on Thursday 11th June 2020 @ 12:51:19


Hi Monica
I not quite sure how to contact you on this site
If you are still interested in meeting me for coffee in Two Rocks.
I am still in Perth and still looking to interviewing more travel companions.
I have advertised this trip in a number of other sites.
My name is Leigh and I advertised this under the name of TeaTree.
You can contact me at

I looking forward to meeting you.
Leigh (TeaTree)


Posted By Leigh on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 @ 22:16:29


Hi Monica
My email address is:: if you are still interested please contact me.

Posted By Leigh on Thursday 28th May 2020 @ 00:54:52


I'll be in touch if I make it there from Perth! Thanks!

Posted By Monicas on Monday 18th May 2020 @ 17:00:10


Hello Monica,
Thank you very much for your reply. We’d love to have a cup of coffee with you . Unfortunately, we are living. In Melbourne. Welcome to Melbourne.

Posted By Vivi on Monday 18th May 2020 @ 04:49:14


Hello! I'm so lucky to be here during COVID.  I'm waiting for my visa to be approved and would love the opportunity to explore more of this wonderful country as I've only been in Perth due to the lockdown.  Please drop me a line! I'm in Two Rocks and would love to have a coffee, if nothing but to dream! 
Thanks for your consideration,

Posted By Monicas on Wednesday 13th May 2020 @ 00:58:47


Hi Lam,

We are Chinese Australian. We’d love to explore the nature’s of Australia. We keen on joining you.

Our contact number is : 0421127500.
Email address:

Posted By Lisa on Saturday 9th May 2020 @ 07:00:23



We are so happy to see that someone is so positive during this stressful situation. We’d like to join your trip around Australia some time in the future. Could you please let us know if there is any planning in your mind?

Best regards
Vivi & Lisa

Posted By Lisa on Friday 8th May 2020 @ 07:38:48


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