Travel Companion from Melbourne to Rest of Australia when lock down is lifted next week

I plan to travel out of Melbourne driving towards Sydney as soon as the lockdown is lifted in a new comfy SUV- drive around 4-5 hours a day and sleep in one of those romantic sleepy towns that I always dreamt of living in. Breathe the fresh air, laugh with locals in the pub, stay in a motel or a pub ( I need 8-hour minimum sleep)   sing-along, make friends - then drive to the next city - and maybe go to Sydney or Coffs Harbour- who knows? So like to travel with a mature companion- I think many  Millennials are more mature than Boomers like the Trump followers- so age no bar, all Sapiens welcome. I am liberal in my views of the world, teaches management in Unis, writes, drink red wine (very little), trying to learn how humanity got here, with so much at stake -with Trumpism and climate change, Facebook's three largest connected countries are the worst COVID affected ones.

Looking for a travel companion. How will you contact me? Ohh .. don't know,  maybe email to Cheers

Posted By RajSun on 15th October 2020

Updated : 15th October 2020 | Words : 181 | Views : 158

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