Travelmate (s) wanted. West Coast Broom to Perth with car 4x4 (Archived)


Hey there,

me and my best friend will travelling from Broom to Perth starting 27th October in Broom. Perth we will reach on the 15th November.

We are both german and almost both 30. Open minded and want to see the great nature of the west coast. For my friend it is the second time Australia. For me first.

We will have a Toyota RAV with tent on top.

If you are interested. Please contact me. I can send you more information. Pictures what you need.

Maximum 2 persons we can take.

I am in China at the moment and my whats app is blocked. I check by times via VPN. +4915751502513 Best is E-Mail

See ya

Posted By Luke1987 on 30th September 2017

Updated : 27th October 2017 | Words : 111 | Views : 1090 | Comments : 1

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Hello ! I am arrived in Sydney 3 days ago after a trip of 6 months in particular in Indonesia and Malaysia. I would like also discover the West Coast ! Did you already leave from Broom and where do you want to stop on the way to Perth ? Cheers ! Sonia

Posted By Sonia on Friday 27th October 2017 @ 06:54:57

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