Travelmate wanted Brisbane -> Cairns

Hey, im 23 years old, from Germany and I'm looking for a travelmate for the east coast for SEPTEMBER. I'll arrive in Brisbane at the end of August (25th) and I have time till the beginning of October. If you have similar plans, I'd be happy to hear from you!

I am an open minded girl, always up for a good talk (I laugh a lot - even if the joke is not that funny), like to have a drink sometimes and just want to see all the beautiful places up the east coast.

I don't want to buy a car, but I would of course share fuel costs if you have a car or could also imagine to go by bus.. or renting a car together :-)

Please give me a message if you like to spend the September at the east coast. Cheers!

Posted By Julie93 on 26th July 2017

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Hey, I work in health in cape York and am visiting some remote aboriginal communities, in particular aurukun. If your after a unique Australian outback experience. I leave tomorrow from cairns and back to cairns Sunday. All costs are covered.


PHONE : 0438151730

Posted By Tim on Wednesday 11th October 2017 @ 14:13:25

Please contact me re your trip.



PHONE : 0417566629

Posted By Bill on Tuesday 19th September 2017 @ 19:18:01

Pls read my earlier post and let me know if you are interested in my trip.
I have an amazing 4WD camper. No cost share req'd.


PHONE : 0417566629

Posted By Bill on Tuesday 19th September 2017 @ 11:39:42

Im Bill from Melb.
My trip is still on, leaving Melb around end of Sept.
I have an amazingly well equipped 4WD camper and I can go anywhere I want when ever I want.
Please msg me direct for all and more details.
An amazing journey is about to start into the most fantastic country on earth.
Read my other comment below, here.


PHONE : 0417566629

Posted By Bill on Tuesday 19th September 2017 @ 11:28:02



I'm a 19 year old girl currently staying with a host family near Brisbane and would love to travel to Cairns at the end of the month. I would really like to go in a campervan (you can relocate them for free) but I don't drive haha so I'm looking for someone who does! I'm always excited to meet new people and I think this would be an incredible experience to share with someone.
Let me know if you are still interested!

Posted By Anouk on Monday 18th September 2017 @ 20:53:12


Hi, I will be travelling from central coast nsw to Cairns in the middle of September. If you are interested please let me know.


PHONE : 0430952499

Posted By Colin on Thursday 24th August 2017 @ 11:23:19


Hey !

Im Greg a 27 years old man from France and I m looking for a travelmate (girl or man )

I want to leave from Melbourne or Sydney, I m currently in the moutain (Perisher ) for the season so I ll be free in begining of September.

Destination : Adelaide - Uluru - Cairns 


I have my own car a toyota tarago with all camping stuff . (just need to share petrol cost )

If you want more detail just send me a message or add me on facebook and we can speak together !

Fb : Gregory LATOUR
tel 0448165548


PHONE : 0448165548

Posted By Gregory on Wednesday 26th July 2017 @ 14:07:35


Im Bill and Im in Melbourne.
Long way from Brisbane but if you made it South then I could show you some amazing parts of this wonderfull country.

I like to travel to remote mountains and deserts and camp under the billion stars next to my campfire.
I do this very often.

Last year in August I had the pleasure of a friend of mine son (21) from Fineburg/Hamburg come and visit.
He spent 4 weeks travelling the East Coast down from Gold Cost to Melbourne. A real adventure for him.

Many stories he told of people and places. Very memorable.

Then I took him in my amazing 4WD and headed to the mountains and then the deserts of North Western NSW. After coming home to Melbourne he would ring his Mutti every night for a week and I we could hear him speak about was his trip with me. Not once did I hear him speak about the East Coast!!

Most people do the tourist/brochure things and thats fine. The coast is amazing for sure. But the real memorable memories come from where I go. I said to Simon about this and he replied: "Bill, Coast was very nice for sure but I can find that around the world more or less everywhere. That trip to the outback with you I cannot find and experience just anywhere, and certainly not the way you do it"

His father, was originally from Leverkussen. Wonderful family.
Enjoy your trip down under and if you come to Melb. give me a call.

Kind regards, Bill

Posted By Bill on Wednesday 26th July 2017 @ 12:01:32


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