Victoria to QLD to Darwin!

Your seat...

New plans, I'm looking for like minded people for a trip north then 9nto Darwin...

I have one seat available, no strings, free camp and also the weekly caravan park . Own swag/ bedding, accommodation and food costs. 

Looking for someone who wants to see the East Coast line on the way, beach runs and minor/unsealed roads.

Feel free to inquire about having more 4x4 join in, the more the better,,especially with the beach runs ;) 

Positive, good natured and friendly then apply:) 



Posted By WAorBust on 6th October 2020

Updated : 10th October 2020 | Words : 85 | Views : 3030 | Comments : 2

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Yes mate, got it, just working on the 4b.. I've got your email and will keep in touch.. I'm going to boot off soon for Vic hi country before it gets to hot..


Posted By Wayne on Saturday 10th October 2020 @ 12:58:15


don't know for some reason if my answer got to you going in 2021 did I reply

Posted By Neil on Saturday 10th October 2020 @ 06:17:14


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