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Hi everyone, I'm Anna and I'm a 17 year old form the Netherlands who's planning on going to Australia. I want to start my trip around october, by then I'll be 18. I don't really have a plan yet but I want to discuss that with my travel mate(s). I want to start in Sydney (not completely sure yet), and then travel up the east coast. I'm looking for (a) travel mate(s) who are around my age.

Here's my email if you are planning on doing the same thing and are interested in traveling together.




Posted By Anna2021 on 15th January 2021

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Hi Anna, The plan is to start and finish in SEQLD, and take around 6-12+ months to hopefully see as much as weather will allow. I’m going to travel regardless of company, although which is the reason I'm contacting Aus/Explorer, is that travels are always more enjoyable when sharing the adventure. I would like invite you and 2 others to express any interest to join me. I am looking for 2 or maybe 3 travel buddies total, as there is plenty of room on a 'trip of a lifetime'. Because of my travel intentions, some of the costs I will always pay. If my travel intentions suit, I'll hear from you soon.

Posted By Dingo on Friday 12th February 2021 @ 15:00:32


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