Albany Western Australia

Hideaway Haven is the most outstanding accommodation Australia. From the luxurious bedroom and bathroom to the fully equipped kitchen/laundry and lounge area, every convenience (including free internet) and comfort is provided for guests in order to create a relaxing experience. With a maximum of 6 guests at any one time, it is always possible to enjoy the outdoor spa in peace, or view the countryside (complete with horses, kangaroos, and many species of birds) from the spacious treetop level balcony. Choices from the varied breakfast menu (delicious, innovative dishes) can be enjoyed on your own balcony, and you could take a break from restaurant food by preparing a meal in the guests' kitchen and eating at the dining table in the common room. Albany, Western Australia area has bush walks, wonderful deserted beaches with exquisite blue water, museums, restaurants and cafes, and activities.
This is a perfect 'haven' for couples to connect with nature (or each other), and experience this southwestern corner of Australia in comfort.


PHONE : 08 98449417

Posted By HideAway Haven on 29th May 2010

Updated : 13th August 2010 | Words : 167 | Views : 2338

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