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Somewhere to Rest you Head - Tell other travellers about your good or bad experiences with an accommodation provider.

Hello Every One,

I am Collee working for 4WD Hire Company in Adelaide, Australia. I would like to join all you people. I would like to share my thoughts on travel and related topics as well like to know experiences from you guys.

Posted By colleeseo on 17th June 2008

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accommodation in Melbourne for aupair

Au Pair description We welcome an energic au pair with lots of initative to help in our busy house. We live in KEW and offer our aupair separate self contained accommodation Email ##### The hours are early morning 5 days per week, plus extra on Fridays, plus some babysitting ...

Posted By katie on 16th July 2007

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Looking for a Review - East Bedarra

I've been looking at the website for the private East Bedarra island retreat and was hoping I could get some feedback from someone who has stayed there to provide more details on the pros & cons. Thanks! Mary

Posted By Mary on 21st June 2007

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Cheap hostels in Sydney?

Hi there - My friend is flying over from Columbia to attend university to Sydney in July, and I'll be flying over from NZ to meet up with her. She wants to find an apartment to stay in, but obviously, while we are looking at apartments, we're going to need some place to stay. We ...

Posted By Sam on 14th May 2007

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I am young, female traveller on a budget looking at holidaying in Australia. What sort of cheap accommodation is available? Will cheap accommodation be safe for a female travelling alone?

Posted By Tanya Platt on 12th March 2007

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My husband and I have a young baby but want to spend some time travelling around Australia. What sort of accommodation should we look for? Should we hire a caravan and travel independently? Will caravan parks have facilities for our baby?

Posted By Allison Lever on 12th March 2007

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Record breaking in Australia

We are a group of 8 Brits planning a record-breaking journey from Perth to Brisbane between 25th August and 29th December. 7 of us will be travelling in support vehicles (still looking for these!) whilst the last member of the team, a guy called Dave, will be skateboarding the ...

Posted By boardfreebev on 11th July 2006

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Beautiful Apollo Bay, Victoria - Help!

Is there anyone that can help..... we have booked a holiday house with great beach views at Johanna (very close to Apollo Bay) for this long weekend from 10 March 2006, for 3 nights, total cost $850. However due to unforseen circumstances we are unable to make it and will be ...

Posted By mansinis on 6th March 2006

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How Do I start?

Hi everyone, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I need some help. Me and my friend are planning to go travelling around Australia when we both finish college and was wondering if anyone could tell me how we would get started? Such as finding the right hostels to stay in ...

Posted By Holly on 15th March 2005

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Looking for a holiday rental with a difference!

I am looking for a holiday rentals that sleeps 8 during the summer, all across Australia. Looking f . . .

Posted By gknott on 7th October 2016

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What do you think of these Airbnb rentals in Sydney?

I'm looking for an accomodation in Sydney. My family and I will be visiting the city this May. I fou . . .

Posted By shetravels08 on 21st March 2015

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Planning a trip to Australia for the 2015 AFC Asia Cup

Hello, My name is Zeeshan. I am visiting Australia from Feb 1st to 30th January 2015 for the 2015 AF . . .

Posted By ZeeshanDrive on 26th November 2014

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