Free Beds For Weary Heads

Hello to all Backpackers enjoying our wondeful land downunder. I am a retiree pensioner-ex police officer living in outback Queensland in a small country town called Cunnamulla where a lot of backpackers come for seasonal work doing grape picking etc or are just passing through. I have a 3 bedroom home in town and am offering free temporary accomodation for overnighters or travellers looking for employment until they find work. A modest but comfortable older style home, queen beds, air conditioned, 3 TV's etc.

Why you may ask? I simply enjoy meeting people from different countries and cultures, would enjoy the company and conversation and the rooms are never used so I have decided to throw out a warm welcome and comfy bed for the weary and/or money challenged traveller. Male, female, couples, doesn't matter, whatever, pets welcome. 

Posted By Gummtree on 12th May 2013

Updated : 19th November 2014 | Words : 132 | Views : 6043 | Comments : 1

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I think you have a wonderful place for those explorers like me. My friends are planning to have a week long vacation in Queensland, we will be considering your place.


Posted By BlendMike on Tuesday 18th November 2014 @ 23:39:29


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