Travelling to OZ, I need a car!

I will be in Sydney in January and need a cheap car to get me around the country. Please give me some ideas on what type of car/jeep I should be looking for. Is $3,000 AUD going to be enough? I reckon most my driving will be on highways.

Many thanks


Posted By Alex Barder on 29th October 2007

Updated : 7th February 2008 | Words : 52 | Views : 2088 | Comments : 2

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$3000.00 will be well enough to get you a reliable car for sure!

one of my mates from the uk came down and bought a car for less than that and its reliable and got him from a-b-c-EVERYWHERE!

look in the public trading/secondhand papers- there's loads to choose from!

my husband and i just bought a toyoya hilux for our business with close to brand new chunker tyres for $2500.00!!! with reg and roadworthy certificate!

goodluck mate!


Posted By Tamara on Thursday 7th February 2008 @ 12:53:54


Hi Alex, I recently bought a second hand 1993 Ford Laser and it cost me $3,500. I drove it from Brisbane to Sydney and back and it handled the trip fine. It's a small car but it's been very reliable. I don't know about Jeep's though, sorry.

Posted By Kim on Wednesday 30th January 2008 @ 17:54:46


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