Quite some years ago I was visiting friends in a lovely seaside spot (well very near the sea) called Pottsville in New South Wales. An appropriate name it seemed at the time.

My friends had an English friend staying with them also. His name was Nigel.

My friends' house was a rather dilapidated old weather board house with natural air-conditioning - ie lots of holes.

Nigel decided to have a bath in the rather primitive and "holey" bathroom. We could hear him singing happily away. Next minute there was a shriek ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! We heard the bathroom door slam and saw Nigel making for the woodheap, nude. He went behind the woodheap and next thing we heard was thump, thump, thump coming from the bathroom along with cries of "I got you, you b...... I got you..."

We all thought it might be a good idea to go and see what was bothering Nigel. Imagine our horror to see Nigel, axe in hand, standing triumphantly astraddle a very large snake cut into several large pieces.

We were horrified because the snake was "Bob", our friends' pet ratter, a rather sweet and lugubrious carpet python of nearly 2 metres in length who had a penchant for curling up at the bottom of my friends' bed.

Nigel explained, somewhat incoherently, that the snake had fallen out of the roof into the bath with him.

"What would you have done?" he asked us.

Posted By caro on 10th May 2007

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Please tell true story

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Posted By Balamurugan on Saturday 13th August 2016 @ 19:06:56


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