camping disaster

well i was going camping with my father and my brother with some friends and we were in a blue ford and they were in a white van we were looking for a perfect camping site than suddenly we lost everyone else so me and my brother got out of the car and started walking up this sand track for 4-wheel drives and the sand was about a meter deep so we walked for about 5 mins than we herd people yelling out so we quickly ran back to our car so we dicided to go in and try and find out if it was our friends yelling out we got half way threw and found them they we stuck in the sand in a white van with about 6 people and a baby in it so we all got out and pushed the van we finally got it unstuck after 20 mins of pushing and it turned out the only thing that was wrong is there was a big clump of sand stuck between the wheels well we started to head back out of the track we got in the car and turned it on than we relised we couldnt turn around so we had to call the van back to every one would slowy guide the car back and forward and back and forward than just as we almost turned it around the sand bank feel and the car was leaning to one side so we all had to lift up the car and push it back than we all finally got out of the big sand tracksand it was starting to get late and it was getting dark and we still havent found a camping spot so we dicided to camp at a local park we put up camp we thought it was the best camping spot ever it had a ramp walk way that was wooded going out to the sand and a nice view of the beach than it turned out the wood was a bit rotten so in the middle of the night we dicided to go for a walk out there just the girls than we droped the torch but it waso ne of the carecyne lamps so the sand and the ramp went up in flames we finnally got it out than my father dicided to walk out there the wood snapped and he feel straight threw it and hert his back he was stuck there until someone could help him out then the next day early in the morning one of the people we were camping with it dicided to go for a walk out there he went around the hole that my father broke but than he feel straight threw the wood and hert his back than the local ranges came around it turned out some locals acctually living accross the road from were we were turned us in so we had to pack up straight a way and leave we finally found a place with showers and toilets but we will always look back and laugh about the stuppied camping trips we had.

Posted By jessica king on 19th December 2006

Updated : 19th December 2006 | Words : 524 | Views : 2193

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